Any UK Shapers?!

Hi guys, has anyone got a good source for quality masking tape in the UK? I’m using some stuff I got from EC Fibreglass, it’s just not up to it. I can’t get it to stick to the blank at all! 

I get it from homeblown, they have decent stuff in a range of widths. After a harrowing experience with a crap tape cutlap I don’t bother shopping around. They’re only a few miles down the road though.

Ebay!! Any of the high tack automative/car spraying types. 3m has some decent tapes. But… If you’re in a hurry, the green frogtape from b&q is awesome, but £7 a roll!

I picked up some of the Frogtape, it was on special offer in Screwfix for £4, I’ll see how it goes! I got some stuff from Seabase that was just not up to it, I’ll have a look for some 3M stuff on Ebay. 

I use indasa that i get most auto paint stores do it its about £2 a roll i think and is good stuff like wise there paper is the best i have found! 

The Frogtape was a waste of money. I’ve found a source for some 3M 233+, the Americans rate it highly, so I thought I would give it a go! 

Here’s the website if anyone wants some. It’s pretty reasonably priced too.


Whiskeyjack I’ve used frog tape ( the Green high tack one ) on over a dozen boards with no problems. E.P.S spackled & Pu blanks. Although it’s always easier with a Pu blank! I believe it to be as good as the 3m 233+ Have you spackled the eps? Also how warm is the room? The temps with me get well into the -'c with me & the tape won’t stick. There could be other factors?! All the best.

Hi speysurfer, this is the first blank I have spackled, never had a problem with adhesion on micro/epoxy or PU, do I can only think it’s the spackle?! 

Could be temperature, but I’ve got a heated glassing area that I keep at about 20 degrees. I lightly roughed the spackled blank, wiped it down with a paper towel and used tape to remove any dust, still won’t stick! 

I’m always reluctant to use the meths, but might be an option. Cheers! 

Is anyone using epoxy resin? I’ve been using RR KK, it’s great, but expensive. Getting it from Seabase. Anyone got any decent alternatives with quick cure times that work in this climate?