Any UK Shapers?!

Anyone based in the UK? I’m in Dorset, south west England. 

Yup…backyarder in Brighton

Backyarder on the East coast.

How long you been shaping for WhiskeyJack?

About a year. How about you guys? 

Over 10 years for me but i dont really do alot annually !

anouther brighton based here and do about 20 boards a year start to finnish and a lot of ding repair on windsurf boards as well as runinng a cnc.

2 years here but only 4 boards made for lack of time/money. Everyone here self taught?


Anyone got a good supplier for large blocks of EPS in the UK? Large enough to cut a 12’6" SUP

Over in swansea wales, just shaped my first foam paipo.

My frend Jem make allsorts including wave skis and cuts them from large blocks of EPS contact him for his supplier


I have up to 16’ blocks here myself of 1.5 so could help you out i if you need but not sure i can ship  regualy cut 12’6 on my cnc if you want to go that direction.




Where are you based mate? 



down near Brighton

I have sent you a message Charlie. Cheers for the contact info krush, I have sent them an email. 

I’m down in Cornwall, make one or two a year. It’s been a while since I made anything bigger than 6’0" so can’t help you with your big foam.

I’m up in the north of Scotland. Love the handle whiskeyjack, even if it is with the irish spelling of Whisky! Haaa.

Welcome to Sways…

Thanks mate, it’s a kind of bird from North America, so I guess it’s the Yank spelling! 

Does anyone have a good Spackle alternative available in the UK? 

hi, everbuild one strike filler , pete

Thanks Pete, I’ll check it out.