Anybody else get this...???

Anybody else get this…??? ______________________________________________________________ MIN FANG INDUSTRY CO., LTD. No. 23, Tsu-Chiang 2nd Street, Wuchi, Taichung Hsien, Taiwan Tel: 886-4-2639-8313 Fax: 886-4-2639-2998 Email Address: Dear Sir/Madam, Your name was given through the Internet. Min Fang Group is one of the biggest surfboards manufacturing companies in the world. We are very pleased to actively write you because we are looking for business partners to cooperate with us in surfing industry. We can provide polyester surfboard, epoxy surfboard, soft boards, skim boards, body boards and accessories with confidential factory prices. As our business partners, they will also have enough marketing knowledge and experience. We have very strongest R&D teams and 30 years experiences to offer. If you have questions about creative surfboards marketing ideas with us, we’d love to hear from you. Yours truly, Veronica Tung Managing Director

cheap overseas knockoffs

“cheap overseas knockoffs” I wonder if that’s what the Hawaiians said 100 years ago when the haole in California started making their own crude wood planks?

Im sure they did. But atleast 100 years ago the west coast guys weren’t hurting the little guy’s market on Hawaii.

I got that shortly after we launched our website, it was approached differently we were asked if we were going to do the boards ourselves or OEM es team manager

Im wondering, 1. Can we in the US surfboard industry really say that we put out a superior product? 2. If so, how much better and for how long before they catch up and make a comperable product? 3. How can the consumer tell the difference? Ive seen these boards and ill tell you that to the average person it looks like any other board and ive seen many people buy them. 4. Can we actually make a better product and differentiate our “quality” surfboards from the overseas board? If so, how? some things to think about.

Actually, the Hawaiians said, “Holy crap, we surf on heavy, skull-smashing koa. Look at California. Them have light redwood. Pretty, and won’t turn me into a woman after a bad wipeout.” I believe that’s what the Hawaiians said. Afterall, Duke used to get redwood send to him from CA. I’m sure the first words spoken by Hawaiian surfers were: “Brah, don’t bail your board. The last time you did that I lost a leg and two sons.” People used to laugh at Japanese made toys and radios in the fifties. Called them junk. Yeah, but when you want a quality piece of electronics or a car that can go 100k miles without any work, who you gonna call? Ford? Nah, Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Sony. Someday the world champs might come from China or (God forbid) Brazil). You never know.

how bout a positive spin…? ok hows this: hooray we dont have-to build cheap disposeable uninspired copies of mass market inspired pro models for cocky intermediate surfing participants from the netherlands of landlocked awareness…the thankless jobs ar over…now the door has opened for our unbridled pure form creativity and of course we may be well paid by those who are learning to appreciate quality work and individually designed one off masterpieces …100 years ago the derogatory term used that went right over the heads of californians making surfboards was “Plank” because the boards weere made of milled lumber coincidently neutralizing the rocker and contour taken for granted in boards made from whole trees …Logs was the derogatory term used to retaliate to the sometimes sneered Plank comment… when will this company spend up a pro team? Who will be the first PRO to jump ship? when will the chinese start writing their own ad copy?what magnificent non sequiters will grace the inside covers of the cash driven international surf publications … Walt Disney never knew what us citizens of the 21st century would also be affected by…besides the materhorn ride …what a life what a world…ambrose… what about “Kuk box” talk about over our heads…we misspelled it and thought it was cool to be kookie …kukie? kukie lend me your comb? kukae is not a positive metaphor by any stretch of the imagination

My '97 F-150 has 190,000 miles and has never been in the shop except for a tune-up at 150,000. Parked ON the beach twice a week for 6 years with no trace of body rust yet! Ragging on American quality isn’t valid anymore. A Fairmont was a pretty crappy Ford design though! No offense. Lance

I got one of those emails aswell. Austin

Jason nailed it! In my 40 years of building boards, I have seen so much SHIT being marketed by jillions of U.S. builders. I don’t know if it is a matter of I can’t do any better or I don’t care. Personally, I think it is, “this is all you can from me”, but it is the hottest shape you’ve ever seen!

as long as people over here support the chinks. our industry will slowly deteriorate. and people over here will support them. most shop owners only care about the bottom line $$$$$$$. if they can get it on a deal, they are on it. The “soul” is slowly slipping away, for the love of money. How sad it is that americans don’t support one another and have to search outside the country because greed has become such an obsession. and that holds true for any industry in this country. but anyways, it’s all very frustrating to say the least. I’ll leave you with this… THOSE SLANT EYED BASTARDS WILL NEVER TAKE ANYTHING AWAY FROM ME! I HOPE EACH AND EVERYONE OF THEM GET A EYE FULL OF CATALYSED RESIN!!! I’M PISSED!!! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!

I hope that’s a joke. …and a bad one at that. Nationalism is fine and all, but when taken to the extreme I think that could only be labeled as racism… and that has no place here. Rancor for the industry mass-producing boards, and maybe hurting your business, is one thing. But blaming every asian for your problems solves nothing. Give it another 100 years, and you’ll be hard pressed to describe what the sterotypical American looks like.

rascism is just pure poison- the furthest from the soul you can get. your points about global economics are on the money(no pun intended) but by hating the color of the Chinese folk skin or the slant of their eyes you’ve blown your chance to be heard. do you feel the same way about Hawaiians? hawaiians with a Chinese grandparent? mexican folks? black south africans? check yourself buddy.your wave

make that racism-whoops!

Stop going to Costco, Wal-Mart, Homebasedepot, and all the other big box units. Support your locally owned store, that’s a start. Consumer spending is the only thing holding this countries economy together at this time. You make the choice. I have to agree w/ Jim that there are enough crappy surfboards made by Americans and American companies to squelch the China bashers. The Racial slurs don’t help the situation.

Gosh, how do you respond to an A_hole like Chris? I guess you just let them stew in their own private idaho until all that hate just eats them up inside so they are hollow, dried up, walking pieces of shit… Is Ambrose the only person who sees the light here? Why do you all care that others all copying your shit?? Isn’t a copy of shit still… shit? Americans have always been the leaders, and others follow with copies. From cars, to electronics, to clothing. Other countries and peoples only get to produce the scraps that are too laborious and tedious for Americans to produce. The way I see it, the innovators and craftsmen here will still create great surfboards that are treasured by the serious surfers. Some smart guy/gal will come up with a fantastic new material or shaping method and he/she will make a ton of money. The others who are creating a bunch of crap, well, they’ll go out of business because others are making the crap now. Maybe now they can move on with their lives and find something better to do with their time. People like Chris - they marry their cousins, breed some more morons, and help keep our corrections officers in business. Thanks Chris.

Yeah, I’m all for the “locals only” attitude… long as we’re talking about “EARTH LOCALS” We’re all in it together and people do what they do Darren

Actually, I owned a Fairmont, and it drove great with very little maintenance. Ugly car, but good engine (inline six).