Anybody have plans for shaping handguns? Is foam good? What about balsa?

Plus, what about bottom contours? Anybody have any pics?

…photo archive #s 201 and 241 in the 8ft. range.Herb

Do you mean the handguns used by bodysurfers??? Check out the guys at The Handboard Company or some of the stuff Roger Wayland is doing that Nels shows on Vagabondsurf.com

“… I went right to it and designed an aerodynamic structure. Something that gave each finger control over the movement of the board. I decided to make the outside rail longer then the inside so more weight could be placed on it giving you the ability to hold a higher line in the wave. I designed the inner rail smaller so that it would be easier to swim with. I created a soft palm support to cushion the bumps and give you something to crab onto so that you can hold onto the board when it seems like it might come off. The board is injected with foam all around a five fingered three millimeter glove and then shaped by hand. The finished product is a hydro-dynamically designed cross between a UFO and a Manta Ray. This board cannot come off your hand once it is on unless you want to take it off. After a week it becomes an extension of your body. After ten years of getting input from everyone I have ever met, the Wave Blade has changed considerably. I have tried not to let my ego get in the way of hearing and using good ideas. That’s why the Wave Blades are always changing and I like it that way. Its all about sharing ideas and having fun doing what you love. And I love bodysurfing.”

that thing is tech. I want one… is it injection molded?.. who built the die? has it been tested? there a right and a left?..rad inovation it looks like a stealth the NEO too.

Fairmont, Most any material will work, although if you choose bodyboard-type foams you should consider use of stiffeners. Balsa should work great. Also such things a plywood and pine. I’ve used plastics also but they weren’t much fun as they tend to melt when being worked by grinders or sanders. Regular foam/fiberglass works as well. My prime handboard (strapped to hand while bodysurfing) is a vacumbagged foam board made by Victoria skimboards using material drops from their top line foam skimmers - bombproof and Green Tech! A key concept is that handboards or mini paipo boards aren’t going to provide float for an adult. They are about planing surface. They also don’t take up much space and are cheap and fun to build. There are a variety of products out there. I have photos of some plus various information scattered about Start with the url below and also check out things related to paipos elsewhere on the site. Nels


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