Anybody know anything about this board?

It’s an old late 60’s popout, this much I know, but if anyone knows more I’d be interested. The logo is “Surf Side” the model is a 404 wakerider.

That style of board is known as a “Tracker” here in Australia. 68/69. I own three, all around the 8’ mark. Fine in a straight line. Hard to break out of trim to cutback. I guess that is why they came to be called Trackers. My boards are all hand shaped, stringerless, with the shapers name or initials written in pencil on the deck. platty.

Thanks, yes it’s also stringerless, and 8’6" it used to have a glassed on keel type fin. Now it has a standard single fin box. It pretty much sits on my wall except when my sons take it out now. Thanks again!

hi Tripper ! [great name , by the way !!]

…do you have any shots of the single keel , please ?

thanks !


I ask , because ‘ZoSurf’ sent me one , and … I am also contemplating making [a wood core] one for Hicksy’s “moonrocket” ! [don’t tell him though ]

Hey Chipfish, I’ll dig through my old pic’s and see if I have one that shows it. I cut it off & replaced it with a box a few years ago. It did make a major difference in how the board rides, you can actually turn the thing now, haha.

And thanks for “getting” my handle, not many do.

thanks mate …so it tracked a fair bit , did it ?

I know they WERE originally created to go very fast in a straight line on some very narrow gun-sized pintails Nat and Wayne and a few others rode at BIIIIGGGG Winkipop and Bells …


[that’s one of the reasons why I thought the hickster’s weapon of mass seduction could be a likely candidate for some keel hauling …]


nice stinger winger pintail !! brings back memories !!

Aloha , Have a great surf ! Clyde Rodgers