anybody tried the 3-D red tip fcs fin?

anybody tried the 3-D red tip fcs fin?

I have

A little different

feels like it’s pushing back

I haven’t tried it in anything real big yet

wondering how it would feel on my 6’2" hybrid (modern) fish?

better on a narrow thin tailed board

The design is to provide floatation and lift so I don’t know if a wide tailed board wouwork although it seemed to work better on my “nugget” styled 6’8" slipah than my 9’0 round pin longboard.

I think it would work best on some type of high performance chip with H2’s as side bites at least that’s what the boys in the north shore are telling me. More of a small wave high performance fin than a juicy wave fin…

definitely a spinner lure for a tigershark looking from the bottom up

shouldv’e made the tip white or black not red

 Howzit oneula, A while back I asked my FCS rep what kind of feedback they were getting about those fins and he told me that they worked really good on fun guns and hybrid longboards. But I'm sure that the more they get used on different types of boards will bring more results. Aloha,Kokua