Anybody tried the new planer

Has anybody bought the “new shaper planer similar to the skill100”, as advertised here on swaylocks? If so, what do you think of it?

It looks like a harbor freight version…if they had one…

5 extra sets of blades seems ridiculous.

I think she should let someone on the forum use one to write a review

The person must have a SKIL to provide accurate comparison and feedback.

Makes sense?

I’m Game!

I’ll give a comparison using Skill,Clark/ versions 1 and 2 + the use of a bosch.Herb

I have not tried the planer, but I’ve traded many emails with the guy who’s selling them, and he’s both knowledgeable and a straight shooter. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed…

PS what the heck is wrong with having 5 spare blades?

I’ll back Keith’s statement that Lorin is a straight shooter. The guy fixed my Skil 100 (G. Clark let me help design the 2003 Hitachi… oops! I use both on occaision) and Lorin gave me an insane deal. As far as the design of the USA-made planer, I don’t think he had anything to do with it, but the thing seems like the geometry is acceptable. The action of the shoe, precision of the cut, and the available power would be the other main issues to be determined along with a bunch of others addressed and solved in the development of the 2003 Hitachi…

I asked Lorin about the planer and he sent me the following review from Charlie Price AKA CMPhawaii. Based largely on this review and my admiration for Charlie’s work I bought one. Haven’t got it yet though since it is coming via a friend in California. Let you know what I think when it turns up.


I got to use the new planer you sent me.

I used it on a 2lb per cubic foot EPS foam blank with a 5/8" stringer. It was a gun shape with a 6" nose rocker and a pretty radical radius on the top rocker scoop. The first thing I noticed is how quiet the motor was. The fresh blades really worked well on the EPS. The other planer I have experience on EPS would make a vulcanized rubber smell with EPS. Your planer didn’t burn the foam at all. I had no chipping of the EPS which has been problematic in the past. The depth adjustment is killer and the mobility of the handle really complimented the depth adjuster. I had no problems in the tight radius with a 45 degree approach. The trigger lock made the trigger position to be a mute point since I could just keep it running and the smooth quick action of the depth adjuster could get me to zero cut quickly. The stainless steel construction is beautiful and the extra blades and brushes should keep it going for many years. Most of all the price was excellent for this quality tool.

I did not get a vacuum adapter for the exhaust. Do you sell these or do I need to make my own?

Thanks again, I am very satisfied with your modified planer.

warmest aloha,


Hi. Its he, not she. We have sold quite a few of these to shapers. They are not knockoffs, all made in the USA, designed long before Harbor Freight came on the scene. Same power as the Skil, 7 amps, same depth oif cut, 0 to 1/8", and on-the-fly depth adjustment lever in the front just like the Skil, and all ball bearing. And better than the Skil, 2 blade adjusting screws, which makes it a lot easier to change and adjust blades. We have a lot of blades, so that is why we offer 5 extra pairs with each unit. Oughta keep you in sharp blades for a long long time. Course we can just ship one extra set if that make you happy. Been selling tool parts since 1982, so we have a little experience behind us. Thanks for getting a discussion started.


Hey i didnt mean to infer anything about Quality when i replied to it as looking like a HArbor Freight version, I should have clarified, I meant that it looks how Harbor freight takes things and they look slightly different than the originials.

As far as quality thats what I was getting at by looking for a review on the forum.

5 blades just seemed odd because of nothing else coming with 5 blades, more of a shock than anything. 5 blades works for me

Sorry for not clarifying and seeming as I was insulting your product which was not my intention

Apology accepted,thanks. They are quality, made for professional carpenters, cabinet makers and fine wood work people. We just modified it for surfbaord shapers, who seem to want fine tools also. The Skil qualty is tops also, very, very well designed and built. Have sold a number of them which we reconditioned. Only fault I have with the design is the single screw for adjusting the blades. Whatever was the engineer thinking?? The savings on one tapped hole and one special screw? Wonder why they dropped production of the 100 in 1981 or so. Most manufactures went to double insulated tools during the later 70s and early 80s. Life moves on.