Anybody using a 7th Wave wetsuit? Reviews Invited.

Anybody using a custom (winter) 7th Wave wetsuit? What was the fit like? How durable? How toasty?

Despite the fact the I have always treated my wetsuits like they were an extra skin -i.e. with loving care, every one of them has managed to crack, come apart at the seams, etc. or just somehow loose its thermal efficiency within two to three years (two to three winters.) I’ve never actually had a custom fitted suit. I was just wondering if the price is worth it.


Hey KC

I've had many 7th Wave suits, some with custom features.

I've found fit is good, durability better than the bigger brands, but probably less flexible (maybe why more durable).  I've been using 3 to 4mm titanium layered suits in winter (water temp 12* C air 0 to 12* C, wind chill often down a bit on that), and they are fine for about three years, then start to lose warmth (or I'm getting old).

In NZ the company stands behind the product and repairs at no cost - not sure if that would extend to Cape Cod.


Thanks Karl.

Good point about the guarantee. Also that was an interesting comment about ‘three years’, which is close to my average with the major commercial brands. Maybe three years is about all one can expect.

That was helpful.


Hi, Kcasey

I also have had a 7th wave suit (3 mm all over) , the fit was good but it was really good to be able to custom fit it , ie shorten the legs. Its lasted me about 4 years and just got a hole in the neoprene now but due to me pulling my thumb through it around the waist when trying to pull it off on a cold winter day. The one I have has a front zipper that closes a panel thats pulled over the head from the back, only fault in this is it sometimes can come undone especially when the velcro over the zip gets old, filling your suit with ice cold water as you try and duckdive :frowning: I think its definitely less flexible than my short arm Rip Curl but I have been pretty happy with the durability.

By the way i posted some ride results for the split tail 5’ 10’’ that you were interested in, I would post the link but not really sure how to do it… duh


Ride Report 5’ 10" “Split Tail”  ( I can’t believe I missed the thread?!..  )


As for the 7th Wave wetsuit review, thanks.