Anybody watching the Fiji Contest?

The ASP just put its tail between its legs and pulled the plug on the contest for the day cause the waves are too big.  Meanwhile the live telecast is covering the free surfers having an all-time session.  HUUUUGE Thumbs Down to the ASP.  They are blaming it on the wind like a scared kid who won’t paddle out.  Meanwhile the free surfers are getting huge barrel after barrel.



I've been patiently waiting and watching but it isn't going to go today for sure.

And a giant set just rolled through with Fanning riding a huge foamy.




Take care.


I didn’t watch any of it.  But, a freind was talking about it and told me they use jet skiis to get the guys back out to the line up so they don’t get hammered by swing sets.  Is that true?  Dissappointing if it is true. Mike

Pro surfers not surfing because the waves are too big ???

I'm guilty of not paddling out when it's big and other people are ripping.....but...I don't get paid to surf.

Yes Rooster...jet skis.

We saw it a Lowers about 5 years ago when it was 8+ plus California. Ride wave in for big score. Ride back out on wave runner. I'm not a big fan of contests.......

WTF!  At Lowers?  Wave knowledge, fitness, instinct, strategy, etc. doesn’t matter?  Why don’t they just tow in everyone then? Eliminate paddling.  Mike

After Raoni Monteiro got his knee hammered riding the mega tube ride/closeout & missing the doggie door, they shut it down... Bummer, because I was really enjoying the "pros" surfing epic conditions and was at the edge of my seat…I thought that the pros got all the fame, trips, and chic’s because they were the best in the world and charged big, epic surf…The jet-skis were fishing them out like experts after they wiped out and were caught inside… within minutes they were out of danger and waiting on the next set. Talk about the perfect surfing scenario… Would I paddle into those bombs?? Hell no!! But I don’t surf for a living.

I wonder if this will inspire NASCAR to stop racing after a crash due to windy conditions…or maybe they will stop the Super Bowl because someone slips in the mud and hurts his bum..

 I hope it’s small and blown out today and the rest of the week. There is egg on the face of the ASP for sure.


It’s probably more about media considerations than the fear of the pros. Kinda boring waiting for long periods between rideable waves. It would really be boring if they did not have the jet ski assist. Should be good action today.

Jet ski assist in waves like this is a must, for televised contests. I’d be bored to tears watching guys float around for 40 minutes catching 2 waves. Let’s not forget, contests are about the spectacle, not the sport. 

When lowers is firing, that’s a long ass paddle too. So I back the use of jet skis when necessary. They already adopted a 2 man priority driven field, so why not go the full 9 and shuttle the guys out too. More wave surfing, more excitement. 


The free surf last night was bonkers. Can’t wait to see some clean water shots. 

What’s the link to live stream it? The ASP site?


I didn’t know pro’s used skiis to get back out after a wave except tow in contest.  I don’t have a problem using them to save a life, either.  But, I think you should be done if you do.  Skiis at Lowers is pathetic.  What’s the worst that can happen?  A few scrapes from the round cobblestones, then you sit on the nice white sand in the warm sun sipping a nice cold beer while your nose drains?  Mike

Thank you!

Go thru the pictures and videos in this Surfline feature and keep in mind that the ASP CT scored these conditions and chickened out.  The most bizarre thing was they sent out this ASP rep to announce that the event had been called and he kept going on and on about how the wind was terrible out there making it an unsurfable mess.  Meanwhile just seconds before this dingaling came on air Damien Hobgood had ridden two impressive waves back to back that are featured in slide 33 of the Surfline feature.  They kept showing replays of Damos 2nd wave on the webcast before and after the ASP announcement.  

This is far worse in my mind than the epic Hawaii contest back in the 80s where a few of the pros refused to paddle out.  This is the entire organization chickening out on epic conditions as a live webcast is going with the world watching and the freesurfers are tearing it up.  Such a total black-eye for the ASP.  Heads should roll.  Guess Bobby Martinez was right when he said it was just a “F#$%^&* Tennis Tour”.


I watched mako’s link.  Amazing surfers in amazing waves.

Faaark, how do they not explode into a mass of pink fleshy goo when they wipe out? Heavy stuff.

great tube by CJ…

" faark, how do they not explode into a mass of pink fleshy goo when they wipe out? Heavy stuff."





hi mark !


...maybe they are all aliens or robots , beerfan , with   no flesh to explode ?!


 ["mars attacks !" ...  you saw it too , eh ?!]


seriously , for a moment ....


GREAT photos on the surfline link , thanks !


It's great that the 'freesurfers' got their go , looked amaaazing !


  had to remind myself that this was cloudbreak , not teahu'poo, looking at some of the photos ... the captions are interesting , too...  eg:  some rode these monsters on boards as small as 6'7"s , paddling in ???  wow  !


that shot of cj taking off is a "heart in the mouth moment" photo ...thank goodness tom servais was there ...he and cloudbreak go back a ways eh ?


   cheers !

[ I just wish I could watch vid footage , but I guess volcom will [hopefully ] one day release a 'code red' type deal , like surfing life did , for last year's teahu'poo carnage ?]



[some glory to the 'freesurfers', and the 'filmers' and photogs , where its due ]



I watched it, epic, won’t say what I was thinking , except to wonder who the free surfers were sponsered by? It has also been said the pros didn’t have the right boards? who’s fault is that?

Right on “H” ,  The commentary was painful too !!

They had plenty of warning about the size of the swell ,so why were the caught with their pant’s down ?

Hat’s off to the guys who did paddle… Id be hiding under my bed !!

Bobby Martinez was wrong it is the golf tour. 90% of the time is a yawn. And they only usually on you use the jet ski’s at points (these are basically points) and during 2 man heats. While being fit enough to do the paddle is a key part of surfing, watching guys paddle is not terribly entertaining. Also I am sure these guys can do the paddle.