Anyone been to Sayulita or Punta Mita Mexico? *PIC*

I’d be interested in what you thought of these places and if you can recommend the best shorboardable rights in the area. thanks

re-posted a pic by mistake - sorry

that’s o.k.–i love that shot of petey going richtor. oh yeah, definately go to punta mita. sayulita is fun if there’s a swell, but it’s over-run with longboarders, locals and even a surf school! no thanks. kirk

That whole area lights up when there’s a decent south swell. It would be hard not to find a nice break. Take your pick of nice right points and reefs.

Thanks. No need for any kind of wetsuit this time of year is there?

I was at Sayulita in November, and it was pretty good. I would have to disagree with the surf school comment, it was just one guy giving lessons when I was there. There was about a 75% shortboard 25% longboard mix at the time. The locals were cool, it’s not crowded and people won’t get on your case like in socal. Definitely worth a visit if you’re going to be in the Puerta Vallarta area. Yeah, no need for a wetsuit in any season there.

Thanks Seth. Any break from the normal Santa Cruz crowds would be welcome. I’m hoping April 30 is late enough to miss the spring break crowd.

That should be late enough to avoid us college punks. Also, you could just get your surfing in before noon when they wake up.

I was there during Hurricane Hernan in Oct. I hate to say it, but the once stoked-to-see-ya locals will drop on you relentlessly - especially in Sayulita. I guess all the expats moving in are driving up land values and forcing the natives inland which means they won’t be happy to see more tourist surfers. It doesn’t matter if you’re the sweetest, most respectful top 40 pro either. I was there while the OP surf team (including Tim Curran) was in town and I’m sure they won’t be recommending the place. The locals can hold thier own against most ASP pros btw, even the tiny groms. As for Punta Mita, that place isn’t the same either (wave wise). According to Chuy (the film guy in Anclote) that arranges panga rides to the various spots (mainly Lighthouse Point), the nitrous from the fertalizer from the Four Seasons golf course are killing the reefs, which are making them even more of a mushburger wave. Since you probably won’t be getting your adrenalin fix riding waves in this area, you might want to check out the water park on the way from PV to Sayulita. The slides that are small tubes will scare the tacos out of you! Seriously! Especially when you look at the rusted supports holding them up! And don’t let me give you the impression that this is a wasted trip. There’s alot of cool Mexicans that have alot of Aloha, but you probably won’t find them out in the line up. The worst offenders are the expats, btw (good thing they move back wherever they came from tho!) And oh yeah, the taco venders will always love ya :wink: So, go, have fun. And now to plan my trip to _____________ : )