Anyone got a fin setup bible?

I’m looking for a good read.

After asking a buddy why & where he set his fins, he couldn’t specificlly answer. He just said, “It looks better this way”. -I knew then we had our heads up our ass. Careless and ignorant.

**Where’s the master fin setup thread? **Maybe a print book? I’d like to study into some history too, not what guys are doing now. Want to see how guys were tooling their boards back in the day.

That looks like a treasure map, Ace. X marks the spot

A good start… 

…some say the rear quad on that template is too close to the rail, but depends on the board your making. Go McKee for more thruster stylie in bigger surf, or further aft and 1/2" closer to centreline as Rusty recommends.  And for a quad in small surf its probably spot on. All in all its a great start point.

Sounds like you have your theme for a doctoral dissertation.


I used to like using Dave Parmenter’s “Surfboard Anatomy” as a starting point for fin positions but it has disappeared from the internet…


Actually the interactive version is gone but it’s all right here-Surfboard Anatomy

No such thing exists, and a technically and scientifically based (and correct!!) reference book just on surfboard fin design and setup is a long way off… 

Its hard enough getting surfers to accept technically proven foils… 

Maybe I’ll write an app, people might then mistake me for an authority…

As close as I’ve found to a book on quads…





Thanks for those links.

That would be one helluva read or a total flunk.

The Tubesteak encyclopedia of fin placement

is the prefered reference of shapers world wide.

written in the nineteen fifty’s at the pit

in malibu after fins were perfected.

First you start with a good foot measuring guage.

then select your favorite fish species,

Game fish are a better choice,as bottom

feeders are quite slow unless startled.

with these two features you can select

the correct volume after consulting the index

in the first volume.

the entire set is a refrence book ,request it

at the malibu public library tell them 

J.J. moon sent you .dont mention my name

as I was caught tearing pages from the 3rd

volume to keep a special fin placement secret.

my alibi was that dora made me do it,he came to me

in a dream after  rod clark was arrested robbing

the malibu branch  of the bank of america

where his father-in-law was the president

when he wouldn’t lend him the money

to make his movie of Hanalei 1974.




If you wear horn rimmed sunglasses

when you approach the front desk in the library

tell them greg lliddle sent you,or maybe kirk putnam

they always use the Fin Bible…

Definitely apprecited the literature over at greenlightsurfsupply (when it was free to download, now you have to pay to see their outlines, etc.). They had a really good rail band cutback diagram as well.

That link is dead martymo BTW. But I think I have it laying around my shop somewhere…

maybe they were inundated with PDF requests for outlines realized it was a revenue generator.

Classic.  You haven’t lost a step, Ambrose.  If I’m not sure I usually look in the archives or pm one of the pro’s who knows.  Mike

Sorry mate, my bad!


You can still get it from their main page if you follow the link to “surfboard template library” on the top right, and then select “fin layouts”.



  Every setup can work for somebody.

  No ONE setup works for everyone.

  And you can sand the fin off, place it somewhere else.

cool thanks martymo

Thank you. I've been moving the center fin around everyweek trying to find that sweet spot.