anyone got a used fatpenguin with tinkler tail for me to try in the planet earth area

just joking

I saw one, under a gray tarp at Barnfields shop, several years ago. It was hidden in a secret storage area. I think he was reverse engineering it! I bet he was planning to have Surf Tech produce a PPS Model. (Pipeline Penguin Special)…Yes, I’m also joking!

jarrod built himself an EPS compsand one years ago just to see how it rode

you should ask him about it…

and I supplied him some future fins for it

that’s how we originally met

and I’m not kidding

wonder what ever happened to FP paul(?).

he actually asked me to pay his way to Hawaii

so he could “show” me how to build an FP instead of just sending the plans…

I thought read a guy here built one and it was ok in small mush…

If you pay my way over I’ll show you how to do anything I know how to… Ha!


wonder what ever happened to FP paul(?).

he actually asked me to pay his way to Hawaii

so he could “show” me how to build an FP instead of just sending the plans…

So it would seem that Emmett, T.E. , T.Emmerton, etc was the handle for Paul Cole?, the inventor and promoter of the

Fat Penguin.

Although Emmett, whomever, indicated he was an investor associate to Paul.

I’ve got to say that anyone who would try to scam an airticket off of you for board info concerning the Fat Penguin also sounds exactly like T.E. , T. Emmerton,Emmett,etc.

Onuela, any conclusions?

For anyone not familar with the ‘Fat Penguin’ phenomena,

it was all about a manaical tireless self promoter who

inserted his board design and board promotion into every conceivable thread only limited by his tireless energy.

Sound familar?

So because of the problems with the Fat Penguin person,

this forum went from anyone can write anything, no registering needed, using any identity to a registered

identity website with some rules/etiquette enforced.

I remember that he, Paul Cole, was from somewhere in Sydney or Gold Coast Australia, so for more than a year Ive been trying to track him down by internet as well as sending out messages within the surfboard industry. Its like he just disappeared altogether and all the FP’s went with him. Cant find anyone who has one.

Id pay for the plans or if someone had a Fat Penguin for sale…? They look like the kind of board that would be capable of being a unique ride, something to learn new skills on.

I wonder if Ebay have a ‘wanted’ section ?

What a board!

He was doing this circa 2000 through 2004.

I would have considered such a board through a CNC file only.

I dont think the whole CNC route

and scan was nearly affordable back then as it is today!

Too bad he was just a not too bright, totally annoying, spammeister instead of a sharp promoter.

The board may actually offer a certain ‘je-ne-sais-quoi’

Track down Jarrod (shwuz) I think he had the plans from Paul.

I might still have some general ones I’ll look around…

snake oil’s been sold here for eons

just changes flavor everynow and then

still when you get down to it

its snake oil


have had this one hanging in the rafters (literally) for the last five years…somewhere i have full scale planshapes for 6’4 and 8’2 versions along with some drawings of cross sections and such.

a fun challenge to shape, actually rode o.k. too

jim dunlop


thanks for posting that Jim.

looks like you got more than a few oddities there

in the backround as well.

coming from hawaii

jim builds and rides anything without prejudice just like the rest of the hawaii crew.

just check his website

plywood paipos, woolworth coolie styros, geminis, penguins, bears, inner tubes, wood planks canoes, dingies and what ever. As long as it floats and paddles we’ll take it out and give it a go…

I think Jarrod said his actually rode halfway decent before it started taking on water.

I almost bought it off of him to try myself

But then I got a gemini and later Griffin’s 5-fin design.


the orange one’s board is supposed to be here in Randy’s hands around the 11th.

when and if that happens I’ll be more than happy to give the one finger salute to all the peelute mouth bunch here.

hope I get a chance to ride it before someone f’s it up just trying to be a punk about it.

Here’s the link to the Fat Penguin review:;search_string=%22fat%20penguin%22;#191801

niceone jim

guessing goes good in fat waves

hi paul-

it surfed pretty well, actually

i had to change the toe-in of the rear fins to almost 3/8" and try a few different sized fins both in the rear and in the front “canards”…

it was years ago, but what i remember most was it would go vertical like no board i’ve ridden…i guess it would pivot on those front fins and go straight up, and because the nose is so narrow, redirection off the top was easy.

this thread has me thinking maybe i should re-visit this thing, put in some plugs for a trailer fin and try it again with a fresh outlook…


Oh Man… RE. “The orange ones” (Had to think about that for a minute… Ha!) board - Stay on top of that… I’d love to read your take on it. I know “we” finally got some pics/reports of it in decent size waves…

Ps - thanks for taking the time to share so often… esp. all those Griffin #‘s…sss-O-sss That’s my head spinnin’

Might be fun to paddle out on one on a small playfull day just to make people wonder what you’re up to.

I will try any board that floats me and paddles ok.

I got the plans off the web in late 2005, PM if you want them.

Six sheets of hand drawn “plans” look something like this:

if the picture works.


Thank you for that, PM on the way.