Anyone have dimensions for a 7'0 Egg

Was thinking

7’ Long,

15" Nose,

21" Middle,

14" Tail and

3" Thick.

Im 6’0 and 185Lbs. That sound good?

Always a huge help in here


Thats a pretty pulled in tail. i would go with: 15 1/2"nose x 21"wide x 14 3/4" - 15"tail. thin it down to 2 3/4". round pin or squash.

i made a 7 ft egg using this manual somewhat and adapted it to a . I used a 9- rusty desert isle i had. cut 6" off the nose and 1-6 off the tail. made it a single fin. the rocker seemed real good to me, close to the book with a little more nose flip. not much, but just enough. the d.i. had a little v all the way through it. i added a little more in front of the fin and flattened out the tail a bit. domed the deck a bit more and thinned the rails. its three inches thick and 21 inches wide. i used the “egg” in the book for the nose and tail. i weigh 16 stone(australian for overweight or 225 lb) . I love the board.


I’m the same size as you and have shaped the same board. With the following changes: 7’2" x 15"N x 21.5" x 14 3/4"T x 2 7/8"

Works great with an 8" flex fin.

Sr.-nice looking stick! is it a down railer or kind of 50/50 with edge in the tail?

nice board sr pato im gonna have to use them dimensions. that is what i had imagined in my mind.

Thanks alot guys

Here is a nice egg outline.

Sr Pato, that board was made for the logo. a perfect harmony… you got style man… Anyway, that is a nice looking huevo you got there.


SrPato’s egg is really close to mine but I did a glass on tri. I copied an old Bear Surfboards 7’6" that I destroyed.

7’2" x 21 x 2 3/4 nose 15 5/8 tail 15 1/4 never measured the rocker ,just went with the flow…

I don’t have a photo handy but you can view it in the resources.

Have fun


this 6’4" egg is for a guy that surfs in Dominican Republic. He weighs 174 lb. I got the dimensions out of the “Surfboard Design and Construction” .

says he loves it…

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kid I really think you have something here

Thanks Ben and everyone else. That was my first egg and I’m really proud of it :slight_smile:

It has a domed deck with pinched rails, not exactly 50/50 but still slightly turned down. The bottom has a slight roll under the first 3rd then fading into a flat bottom off the tail. I use an 8" flex fin and have had great results. It is a very smooth glider.

thank you. thank you very much. first of all i just want to thank everyone that had a part in this. my mom, my loving wife. my 4 sons and two daughters… our miniature poodle that gets her nails painted. and most of all , everyone here at swaylocks. (insert gang sign). and finally… oh … uh…

oh… yeah, very nice board mr. potato…

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