Anyone Headed to Fiberglass Hawaii?

Anyone headed to Fiberglass Hawaii in Santa Cruz on Friday or saturday that would be willing to pick up a few 6’2C blanks for me (ordered, paid for, and arrived). I can’t make it there on saturday, but I can come get them from you on Sunday of you’re in or near San Francisco (or points north!). I’m in Santa Rosa.



Jaime, are you the Jaime who draws funny pictures for a living? If so, you know me.

Surfed with Lerer the other day. “Surfboards & Bowling Equipment.”

You making some fish?

Too bad you didn’t post yesterday. I was in Capitola this am and will be at Bo on Sunday…sorry. Maybe pm 4est, he’s in town this weekend and was thinking of going back to Cap tomorrow…he has a big car…


What the fiberglass hawaii where you live sells blanks? Thats so not cool, I live in hawaii and I have to go to two diffrent places which are across the island from each other. I shouldnt really complain, its probably cheaper just getting my blanks from the clark wearhouse, and the drive is only about 45 mins.