Anyone heard from Dale S. lately?

I’ve sent him some emails and PMs trying to order a mat, but he hasn’t returned any of them…Any one know if he’s on a trip or something?

Hi Tenover…

Just sent you a PM. Thanks!


errr… same here, I thought you might be on a trip Dale? I have liquidated a couple of assets and so before Christmas comes and makes me spend it all… I need to hear from you.

funny I was wondering the same…Dale I trust you got my paypal payment OK?

I would imagine that Dale is knee deep in mats!!! His mats are a blast to ride and the craftsmanship is really one of a kind.

Thanks Liguid… more like neck deep in mats!

Im here... been sick w/fever, flu, etc. The full package deal. So far I havent lost any time working on my orders. Currently a bit slower, but still stoked!


Yeah, I’ve got mat anticipation pretty bad. When the UPS guy arrived this morning with a parcel that looked about the right size and shape, I was actually disappointed when it turned out to be a twelver from the Beer of the Month Club. However, the Sand Creek English Style Special Ale is delicious.

Look for a long triangular box (about 4 ft.) the kind they ship blueprints in. I just received a mat from Dale last week (Many thanks again Dale). When you get the shipment you will realize from the size of the package just how much of a “stealth” surf vehicle this is. I’m stoked to go to the East Coast of FL next week and give it a try.

Dale, Hope you get well soon.

yes – mine will be traveling to LA, then SD, then St. Thomas (just in case) over the next two weeks – thanks dale

Mmmm. Gaspar’s Porter by Ybor Gold isn’t bad either. Burp.