Anyone in Brisbane (Oz) have small piece of XPS/pvc foam

I only need a small piece of foam (300 x 500 mm) to glue to a piece of paulownia. Anyone got some offcuts or small pieces? Just needs to be reasonably water resistant and rigid. Thanks Bob

Hey Bob, if you’ve got an insulation store they always seem to have off cuts.
Whatcha building ?

Gday Brett,

A semi-mad idea. I have a couple of days on the Mediterranean on a non-surfing trip. I made a 4’ wood BB. I might cut 10" off the tail and glue this piece back on, when I get there. Epoxy on the join and a piece of 20" ply with corelite, glued over the join (buoyancy + reinforcement). 10" cut off the nose and the whole thing could fit in a suitcase. Easier to keep it in one piece but I’m trying to avoid the whole oversize routine.