Anyone in Oceanside area have additive F

So I think fiberglass supply gave me the wrong stuff, surfacing agent instead of additive F for my epoxy glass job. Being that they are closed on the weekend and I’m not aware of any other place that might sell it I wanted to see if anyone in the Oceanside, Ca area might have a couple capfulls I could have so I can hot coat my board this weekend. Probably a long shot but worth a try. 


Seriously - you will do fine without Additive F.  I’ve done it both ways many times and have yet to see much, if any, difference.  Make sure you check the temperature (80 degrees and dropping is about perfect), measure the epoxy components accurately, stir thoroughly, and try to get it smooth with a squeegee and/or brush.  A light touch with the squeegee followed by a brush to remove any ridges and it should settle out fine.  Once cured, it’ll sand out fine without the additive.

Foam ez have it

Right on, I’ll give it a whirl.

Is it Surfacing agent or EPOXY SURFACING AGENT?


Surf Supply doesnt call it additive F. 

That being said. We glass a lot of epoxy… and have Zero of that stuff in the shop.