Anyone know this shaper?

Hi, I have a shortboard from the 80s that I am looking for information on. The board is a 6’3" SG Surfboard Designs board. The board has some glassed on Body Glove logos, SG Team logo and “Living Water” with Cal Poly surf club logo. If anyone has any info, I’d appreciate it. Pic;

it might be this cat named Steve ??? that moved up to pismo from the camarillo are in the 80’s.If it’s the same person, he was kinda known for what he called his “eagle wing” design, which were basically wings that stuck out from the rail, vertical to the stringer(like airplane wings).Perhaps Mike at Wavelengths in Morro Bay could be of help…

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I wonder how many of you guys are posting at work on the bosses time?Surfers never change.Funny as hell. R.B.

I believe Steve Gustavson was the shapers name.

any early 80’s thruster is probably not noteworthy unless Simon Anderson shaped it, or possibly if it had a Nectar label… I assume your asking because your under 25 and figure you have a piece of Fiberglass History that for you was easily affordable, but your barking up the Common Ancestry Tree with that worthless bugga-boo. It looks at the earliest : mid to late 80’s to me.

Wrong, wrong and wrong Mr In Gods Hands (worst surf movie ever). I’m 35 and don’t believe for one minute that I have a piece of fiberglass history. I have many boards and was just intrigued with this one since it was a team board - I was actually more interested in what type of competition (if any) it had seen and if it was actually a girl’s board. Thanks for being a tosser.

yep- that seems right to me- Gustavson

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