Anyone know what this is? Snow/sand/water?

I visited a surfboard collector in France and he pulled out this board. It is fibreglass and the wood handles are attached to chrome plates on the bottom. It is reportedly English. Anyone know what it might be?

Suggestions to date have been a snow sled or sandboard?


My guess, a bellyboard:

Thanks for the link. The actual board resembles a bellyboard but I’ve never seen one with handles like these and I’m not sure the handle type would be of assistance in riding a bellyboard. It may be a bellyboard but it could also be something else.

Part of a Coffee Table?

Exercise device? Pushups, bar dips?

I dont get a sense of the size of the thingy but I did see a surfboard that was modified for a handicapped guy with handles like that on it , kind of kept him from coming off while laying on the board ?