Anyone needs a shaper?

Hello there… 

Does anyone knows about any opportunity for finishing surfboards in California? 

Thanks in advance!!!

Smells familiar.

how about posting up qualifications and references, there are a trillion scrubbers all grabbing at the same slice of pie



I’ve been shaping in Japan for the last 20 years and came back to California with my family last month…

I have 30 years of shaping, 10 years of glassing and sanding…

Where did you shape and what label under? Are you Japanese? Your grammer and syntax tells me so but then you posted that you have come back to California so maybe you lived there before. I’m in Japan now and would love to ask you a few questions by PM if that is ok with you. Good luck with your job hunt and sorry I cant offer any help. 

‘‘SHAPING’’ means different things, to different people.     Smoothing ridges, on a CNC cut blank, is not shaping in my book.      How do you define shaping?     Just curious.

California is a big state, Casey McCrystal needs help, in Oxnard

Chris Christensen also in San Marcos

Thanks everyone! Shaping for me is handshape. 20 years handshaping and 10 years of glassing and sanding and finishing surfboards (CNC)

Hi insanecutback… I would be glad to help you… I’m actually from Italy but have lived in Japan for 25 years and in California when I was a kid, long time ago