Anyone notice the ever growing weird weather lately?

I swear when I was younger they made everything bigger. The Counters, the chairs… hehe

What if global warming isn’t caused by CO2. What if we spend millions to build lots and lots of solar panels, only to find out that global warming is caused by heat absorption by man made things. Like Roads.

Here in Finland our surf season is continuing because the sea hasn’t gotten the ice cover yet. I don’t think well be getting any at all this year, since it’s getting already warmer. Normally we get the ice in december or early january.

The cold periods are getting shorter and the weather seems to be more shifty than it should be.

Here in Finland our surf season is continuing because the sea hasn’t gotten the ice cover yet.

Wo…that’s some compelling evidence.

Howzit oneula, Besides the storms hitting us in Hawaii, have you noticed we are getting less trade wind days. Seems like we are getting more variable and southernly winds these days. Also Oahu has been getting more and bigger storms than in the past than here on Kauai. Aloha,Kokua

What if global warming isn’t caused by CO2. What if we spend millions to build lots and lots of solar panels, only to find out that global warming is caused by heat absorption by man made things. Like Roads.

Two summers ago Southern California had a monster heat wave, with a record 119 degrees in the San Fernando Valley reached. Neatly tucked into newspaper articles on the hot spell were a couple of paragraphs trying to explain the situation. As I recall it the paragraphs focused on the notion that the air temp wasn’t cooling down at night like it had just a few years ago. Typically this area can hit 80 degrees during the day and cool off to the upper-50’s at night…to the 60’s during a heat spell. That time, and a bit this past summer as well, it didn’t go below the 70’s until the coldest couple of hours if at all. The theory was that so much had been so recently paved over or built on that the daytime heat was retained and re-radiated at night, effectively raising the base point temperature.

The killer part of that heat wave was the humidity - which was itself unusual. That was end of July, early August, and that can bring subtropical humidity up…but not with desert-quality high temps! Made one long for the dry Santa Ana winds…unless they were blowing wildfire ash…

Almost 68° F here today (20° C). Not bad for february. We have had years when beaches were covered by snow at the very same time of year. Global warming or global weather disturbance?

I think that if Al Gore had continued to work on his invention of the internet, we wouldn’t be worring about his other inventions.

I blame it all on spackle.

yup Kokua that too

but like I said earlier, looking out of my ivory tower towards diamondhead I can see an ugly brown line shooting about a 1/2 mile out to see from the ala wai probably not making it too healthy to be surfing ala moana bowls or park right now.

I can also see the same brown run off filling up honolulu harbor and running out of that as well. Yesterday driving by the kalihi stream, it looked like a river of thick chocolate about 1-2 feet from over flowing it’s banks. I know it takes a day or two to settle a week or so at the most if it’s bad like it’s been but with this rain just hasn’t let up these past two weeks… I can’t even imagine all the crap out there now after run offs like this…

I bet the brown water flowing into hanalei is making the bay all brown too. (rememeber JPflueger’s million dollar mistake)

definitely not too healthy for the near shore coral.

hate to see everywhere end up like Kaneohe(although its making a come back) with it’s dead coral, weird seaweed and tube worms.

Reminds me of a funny story(apologies) right out of porkys or american pie

But as a student prisoner at the royal school on the hill above kalihi we used to cut out of class and go ti leaf/mud sliding in the forest for fun. We were part of the forest people clan back then.

In our senior year, my friends went deep into forest during a really bad typical hawaiian rain storm and went mud sliding till they were caked in it head to toe.

Just so happened they came upon a big tank full of water way up on the hill above the school and decided to go skinny dipping to wash off all the mud so they could get back to class. When the physical plant folks saw the water level on their meters going up and down drastically from all the cannonballs they sent campus security to check it out.

Ended up finding a half dozen naked hawaiians swimming in the dark in the water tank. Unfortunately for my friends this particular water tank provided all the drinking water for the entire school below and they had to cancel elementary, middle and high school for days until they could clean out all the contamination from the water system at a cost of thousands. Luckily no one got kicked out because it was just such a stupid thing to do. Ended up being both heros and goats to the student body when the word got out…

Looking at all the liquid chocolate pouring into the ocean in front of me reminded me of that day…

same effect different consequences I would presume

Here in so-cal we have been having a very cold winter. Just this last Tuesday the low was 38. That is cold for coastal so-cal even in the winter.

Well I just read a article about the suns lack of activity.The sun could ne entering into the maunder minimum which could mean we are posibbly going to be entering into a new ice age.The sun is the biggest contributer to our climate.I for one don’t think that we are changing the climate it just fluctuates.It is like high tide and low tide but takes longer for it to show.Just remember that there are always 2 sides to every story.Oh yeah Al Gore is a fear monger in my opinion.Life rolls on!

I agree.

Remember Y2K? most folks were convinced the computers would melt at the turn of the century. It really gave “most scientists” a bad name.

OK, lets get back to surfboards.

I hate to change the subject, but did you guys hear about those Japanese whalers?..

I think most climatologist believe the Earth is warming. There’s very good evidence to suggest this. The questions for me is: What is the role of human activity on the warming? How much and how far into the future will the temperature rise? All the projections I have read on how much and how long are based on computer models. I do not have a lot of faith in computer models. Too many ‘fudge factors.’ For example, the projected quantity of carbon emissions 50 years from now, available carbon sinks, etc. I have read the human contribution is anywhere from 2% to 25% of the total global budget. Quite a range. Apparently, we are in a more active sun cycle and an increase in volcanism, which contribute to global warming. Although the artic and Greenland ice sheets are shrinking,the Anartic ice is getting thicker. I don’t know if this is true, but the Martian polar ice is also shrinking. I did hear a report from NOAA studying the Greenland ice. Their conclusion was the ice was melting far too fast to be accounted for by human activity alone. Humans contributed to the shrinkage, but were not THE reason. It’s interesting that contradictory accounts are not expressed in the mainstream media in the US. I guess fear mongering sells much better. There are other very good reasons to use something other than combustion to produce usable energy.

Al Gore, as a politician, and a political agenda, lacks the credibility to be the spokeman for human induced warming in my opinion. What if Dick Cheney was used in a very clever documentary on why we should drill for oil in Alaska and marketed as hard as Mr. Gore’s? Kind of like asking a Japaneese whaler why we need more whaling. Mike


[indent]KING ARNULF Now, I know what some of you must be thinking… the day has

	come.... we're all going  down,  etc.  etc.  But let's get away

	from the fantasy and look at the FACTS.

	FACT ONE - The threat of  total  destruction has kept the peace

	for one thousand years.

	FACT TWO - The chances of  it  failing now are therefore one in

	three hundred and sixty-five thousand.


By this time the  water  is  up  to  people's  knees,  and several have

crowded onto the lower steps to avoid getting wet.

KING ARNULF FACT THREE - Our safety regulations are the most rigorous in

	the world. We are all  nice  to  each  other, we never rub each

	other up the wrong way or contradict each other, do we?


Rumble. The buildings sink and masonry falls.

CITIZEN We… er… do seem to be going down quite fast, Your Majesty

	- not trying to contradict you, course.

KING ARNULF No, of course you’re not, citizen. But let’s stick to the

	facts. There has  NEVER  been  a  safer,  more  certain  way of

	keeping the  peace.  So  whatever's  happening,  you  can  rest

	assured, Hy-Brasil is NOT sinking. Repeat, NOT sinking.

We cut to an unfortunate Hy-Brasilian who  looks out of a window to see

if it's raining, but is immersed before he can find out.

The citizens in the Forum, however,  are  reassured by the King's words

- even though they are now  up  to  their  waists in water. One of them

steps forward.

ANOTHER CITIZEN May I just make a point in support of what King Arnulf’s just


KING ARNULF We’d be delighted - wouldn’t we?

CITIZENS Yes, we’d certainly like to hear what one of us has got to


Erik, Sven, Sven's dad  and  Harald  struggle  out  of  the Great Hall,

carrying their belongings and the Horn Resounding, while the citizen is

still speaking most  articulately  in  support  of  the  King. They are

ALMOST in a panic.

ERIK What are you all doing?

CITIZEN AT THE BACK (cheerfully) It’s all right. It’s not happening.

ERIK (urgently) The place is sinking!

CITIZEN AT THE BACK Yes… I thought it was too, but the King’s just pointed

	out that it can't be.

CITIZEN (still speaking in support of the King) …and, of course, we mustn’t

	forget King Arnulf's EXCELLENT eye for flower-arranging.

There is a smattering of applause. A few people pull their robes up out

of the wet. Erik leaps onto a wall and shouts to the crowd.

ERIK Save yourselves! Hy-Brasil… is sinking.

There are a lot of knowing smiles amongst the citizens.

CITIZEN FROM MIDDLE Look, you don’t know our safety regulations.

KING ARNULF It can’t happen.

ERIK But it IS! Look!

KING ARNULF (ignoring Erik) The important thing is not to panic.

CITIZENS Quite… yes… we understand…

KING ARNULF I’ve already appointed the Chancellor as Chairman of a com-

	mittee to find out exactly  what  IS  going  on, and meantime I

	suggest we have a sing-song!

CITIZENS Good idea!

ANOTHER Can we do the one that goes “TUM-TI-TUM-TI-TUM-TI-TUM”?

Erik looks around in despair.

Meanwhile in another street someone is struggling in the floodwater.

LOKI I can’t swim! I can’t swim!


LOKI I’m drowning! Help!

Loki grabs Keitel round the neck.

KEITEL Let go!

But Keitel is pulled under. He re-emerges spluttering.

KEITEL Urrgh! Argh! Let go, you idiot!

LOKI Help!

KEITEL You’ll drown us bo…

But they go under  again.  At  this  point  Erik,  Sven, Sven's dad and

Harald swim round the corner, pushing the Horn Resounding. They see the

figures disappearing under the water.


LOKI Help!

Erik, Sven and Co. swim  as  fast  as  they  can to rescue the drowning

pair. They struggle to overpower  the  panic-stricken Loki, but he puts

up a manic fight. Unexpectedly,  Harald Missionary suddenly unleashes a

vicious right hook and lays Loki out  cold. There is a moment's stunned

silence that is no unmingled with indignation.

SVEN (with hurt surprise) You hit him!

HARALD Well, it’s what you’re supposed to do… isn’t it?


They look up as GOLDEN  DRAGON  sails  around  a  corner of the street,

piloted by Aud.  As  the  Vikings  scramble  aboard,  the  sound of the

"sing-song" reaches a particularly noisy  and discordant climax attract

their attention.

Back in what was the Forum,  a crowd of unconcerned-looking citizens is

sitting on the  last  roof  and  just  coming  to  the  end  of another

appalling song.


KING You know, I think we’re getting better.

CITIZEN 1 (with genuine interest) How can you tell?

KING (a bit stumped) Er…

AUD Father!

The King looks up.

KING ARNULF It’s all right! It isn’t happening!

AUD But, Father, it IS!

ERIK Get on board!


CITIZEN 3 Who do you think YOU are?

CITIZEN 1 Panic-monger!

The roof  is  now  sinking  rapidly,  though  the  citizens  appear  as

unperturbed as ever.

CITIZEN Leave us alone!

SVEN Yeah. Leave 'em alone.

AUD It’s sinking! Hy-Brasil is sinking!

KING ARNULF Well, my dear, I think you’ll find it’s all a question of what

	you want to believe in....  I  have slightly more experience of

	these matters than you...

Unfortunately, at this point,  the  entire  gathering  of citizens, the

King and the Forum Temple disappear below the waves.</span></span>[/indent]<span style="color:Black"><span style="font-size:6px"></blockquote></div>

Howzit oneula, Love the water tank story, hope your friends didn’t get in to much trouble. Yeah Hanalei was pretty brown for a couple of days but has cleared up now. We haven’t gotten much rain since Sunday, I know the big island was still getting more for a few days after, what about Oahu? Aloha,Kokua

Aloha craftee

Here is an interesting take on the subject.

I am not choosing or promoting sides here, just good and often fun, to explore all the alternative ideas out there.

Mike, yours is among the best statements I’ve ever read about GW. Lots of reasons to be green. But GW may not be among them.


Just heard interesting arguement about GW on radio. Climatologist saying at this point that GW is not best name for situation; that as overall heating starts it causes massive ice melt which lowers temp because ice to water conversion absorbs energy into the water. So what is definitely going on is more energy being added to the overall weather/climate system. Once it actually starts to show clear temp increase (IF that is the way it goes) it will be way to late to do much in terms of reversal. Of course, if all that fresh water melt off icecaps changes circulation of any of the major ocean currents (which has happened in geological history) that could easily cause almost instant ice age. At this point the jury is out but the adding of energy to the system is evident. If you look at over all storm records there are more bigger ones of all varieties happening. That does fit the models so far. More drought and more big storms so more flooding and run off. Dry gets dryer and wet gets wetter…


Climatologist saying at this point that GW is not best name for situation; that as overall heating starts it causes massive ice melt which lowers temp because ice to water conversion absorbs energy into the water.

I just realized the GW you mentioned is Global Warming, and not George W. you-know-who, someone off my interest list…

Global Warming? I’ll worry about that later…maybe The Day After Tomorrow…