Anyone notice the ever growing weird weather lately?

A question from Oneula.

Its been the warmest winter ever here. Temps in the mid 80’s in the middle of winter! When we do get cold fronts, half of them are categorized as ‘weak’. Weak is what we normally get in November. Weak fronts means weak waves. Oy vay.

mmm, no.

Hey Craftee,

I live in the Pacific Northwest on average we have pretty crazy weather, a lot of wind and rain and maybe a couple days of snow per year. I can honestly say we’ve had at least thirty days of snow this year. What was once a novelty and pretty cool when it happened has become the norm, I’m not even surprised when I walk out my door in the morning to see snow on the ground. The past couple years the wind here has increased in frequency and power. We’ve had multiple storms that have knocked out power and knocked down thousands and thousands of trees. At one point there was no way to leave our town because all routes out were blocked by debris, there was no electricity and it was freezing every night. The main highway out had upwards of 400 downed trees across it, that’s 400 trees over about 5-10 miles!

…20 knot winds are a gentle breeze.

I’ve been looking forward to snow covered surf. Feb and still sweating in 5mm.

In the water today I was just thinking the same thing. Normally this time of the year it should be at it’s coldest, around 3 C. But I was roasting today it must have been about 10C. For the second year in a row we have had non stop storms since November and permanently blown out big swell.

I couldn’t help think that if this is global warming then surfers have probably contributed more than most due to non stop driving, flying and the equipment we use.

How were we to know…will we change our behaviour ?

Florida’s weather is constant barrage of unusual events. Our ‘‘averages’’ are just that; numerical averages of a bunch of skewed events.

We had a February a lot like this 8 years ago. It was like April in Feb.

In the big scheme of things, our climate has changed significantly in the last 10,000 years. It appears it’s changing now, no big surprise.

Whether you believe it’s man’s doing or just natures way, it’s happening. Given Florida’s tendency to change shape easily with the rise

and fall of sea levels (due to low elevations), we’ll be among the first to notice.


Most current estimates by REASONABLE climate scientists put it at somewhere in the neigbhorhood of 90% “man made” climate change. High tide comming Homies…

glad you are only listening to to reasonable one. the others should be silenced. like Galileo was.

I wonder what weather was like around here 5000 years ago.

well two years ago we had almost 40 days straight of storming rains I guess lucky we’re an island but flooding is still a big issue here. Now we’re having the same flooding rain issues as I speak. Never seen so many disaster proclamations by the president for FEMA funding as I have the last three-four years.

The problem here liek elsewhere is sewage overflow when it gets too stormy and that’s causing alot of beach closures lately due to brown water contamination not to say potential for tigershark attacks duw to the dead carcasses in the water from the flooding in rural parts of the island. We even had the ala wai sewage eruption in this time which killed and maimed at least a couple folks.

unusually heavy unpredicted snow in southern california and bad weather in the northwest. Normally the farmer almanacs can somewhat forecast bad years but I haven’t heard of any projections of such things lately as they all seem to appear unexpected. Like the warm weather in the east recently…

These aren’t natural disaster events like Katrina or the fires in California but they have as devastating impact on economies, budgets, and infrastructure as any disaster.

With national economy going downhill due to financial corruption and talk of reduced tax burdens and budget deficits due to the war overseas it makes you wonder how FEMA and the states, counties and cities are going to come up the funding to keep putting things back togethor or whether the “katrina effect” will begin to spread throughout areas of the country devastated from bad weather events… If you want to see it in action just go to Guam and look at a place that gets devasted several times a year due to typhoons and you’ll see signs of the “Katrina effect” which comes about when there’s either no time or funds to rebuild or tear down the damage done…

“Brown Water” beach shut downs will have as bad an effect on surfing as anything if they are beginning to happen every week if not every day…

Yeah, but if you lived a couple of counties North, you’d be seeing firsthand the weird little swells we keep having. :slight_smile:

I’ll take that weirdness all year long.

Global warming isn’t man made…were just helping to excellerate it. The facts are in things need to be adjusted in our behaviors. Either flaming Librel, gun welding conservative it doesn’t matter.

Careful crafty, you know you are getting old when you think the weather is weird, when you think your kids listen to weird music, and when you think current fashion is weird.

Catch one of them there weird waves for me.

Weather getting weird I’ll say, On monday night I lost 400 metres of fence an my toyota prado went under, we’ve had over 25 inches of rain since november. 9 on monday night . To tell you the truth it has nearly ruined us. 5 years of work down the creek literaly.


Most current estimates by REASONABLE climate scientists put it at somewhere in the neigbhorhood of 90% “man made” climate change. High tide comming Homies…

I’m sure the “REASONABLE climate scientists” are the ones you agree with based on your vast scientific knowledge on the subject. During your intensive studies did you ever cross paths with Willie Nelson on his journey to becoming the formost authority on the subject of building demolition?

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that we must do everything in our power to contribute as little as possible to climate change. It’s just that I try to avoid buying into some baffoonary simply because it supports my political alignment.

February is typically our coldest month in Jersey with most days around freezing temps, 32 degrees. Average temps so far have been in the mid to high 40’s and it’s even hit 60. It’s crazy. It feels like fall or spring. We’ve only been below freezing about 10 days this winter. If this keeps up the line-ups will be crowded in the winter cause it wont be cold enough to keep the kooks away.


So its not just me. Its been very very warm. Hey I might start taking my surf vacations up north instead. Need to get out of this kitchen.

Here’s an interesting quote on the subject from a friend of mine.

Kind Regards,

Steve Coletta

“Last winter we had only 11 inches of rain at my gauge here in Prunedale. We are at 11 inches so far this year with two wet months to go. Our average is 18 inches, but it looks like we might fall short. Bush’s plan is working, he is a genius. Dismantling our environmental laws increases atmospheric carbon dioxide which speeds the warming of our earth’s atmosphere. Soon the middle east will be uninhabitable. Osama will crawl out of his cave to get air then one of our Predator drones (piloted by a twenty year old army private in Florida who grew up with a video joy stick in his mouth instead of a pacifier) will stick a Hellfire missile up his rear end. The USA will establish air conditioned dome habitats in all of the major oil fields so that Shell Oil employees in space suits can operate the machinery, sending a steady supply of sweet crude back to our mother country.”

why do they need space suits if they’re in an air conditioned dome?