anyone recall this invention?

Tonight I witnessed my neighbor come home from a bike race and drive into his garage with his new race bike still on top of his car. Unnatural noise and destroyed custom Italian bike. He was in shock. I offered my sympathy and help but he preferred being left alone. Don’t know yet, but the imapct may have loaded his racks to the point where they may have tweaked his cars roof.

There was a product that appeared during the windsurf craze that consisted of a magnetized sign that one would attach to the hood in front of the steering wheel. The warning was on a rotating “flag” that would fold down when the car got to a speed of about 10 mph and be out of view. When the car slowed to enter a garage, the weighted sign would rotate back up to remind the driver there was a load on top.

Anyone recall that product? Know if they are available anywhere? Anyone have one you’d be willing to part with??

Haven’t heard of that invention. Sounds good.

But I think your neighbor won’t need any reminders in the future about bicycles on his roof. Anything that bites in the wallet has a tendency to leave a lasting impression. Doug

surgicly implanting air pressure valve on neck at the base of scull availiable

from the “Air Head Symposium Handbook”…

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…ambrose… happie to help~!