Anyone riding a Hess?

Is anyone riding a Hess?

I have read in a couple of cases (Surfers Path article and Dan Malloy interview) the feel takes some getting used to

Can anyone tell me more about how they ride and how they may differ from PU shapes?

I have been riding Pavel and Mabile quads/twinzers so expect the shapes are quite similar but I want something more durable as my baords take a thrashing mainly from travel

I am a long way from the source so have no way to try one and its a big investment and resale is not an option if it does not suit me.

Mine’s almost ready for pick-up, but I haven’t yet ridden one. I can tell you Danny rips on his, and the guys i know who have them love them. Considering they’re about three times more expensive than traditional foam boards, the fact that Danny can’t keep up with demand says a lot.

Danny’s boards are super strong, I know a guy who slammed into his so hard he broke his foot. There wasn’t even a dent on the board. Danny has a stack of old boards that look brand new. That’s after tons of use. I ding most of my traditional boards within the first few times out… even when I’m trying to be careful.