Anyone used Carbon Quad Axial glass from Shapers AU?

This stuff:


SurfDNA waved some of this stuff under my nose, they make a hideous looking net with uni carbon runs, but guns-out strong they claim. But for the money, maybe just buy carbon or aramid tape until fabric makers step up the competition?

Vectornet too pricey for the results? All bark and no bite? Heard some are claiming their boards are still denting as usual w/lams coming out heavier…



Surf Supply in Oceanside ,Ca has some interesting stuff.......carbon strips, ect.......

There's a Vector Net thread going on....Justin has it.........but The stuff I have is black Kevlar not Carbon Fibre.... doing some great stuff with advanced materials.....I just layed up two test boards but it will be a few months before I get any stuff............Stingray


If I can get it here, I’ll try it.  I’ve never found a twaron hybred.  Unless I contact the mill and order 1000 yards.

another aramid     read the heading the carbon is quad axial based its a good combination to work with and for a 4 oz it is very good

as mentioned the carbon tow can get a bit out of line but this seems to be a prbm from the mill  not sure if all rolls are the same/?

**put it under vac with some n fusion   shit better than s glass      i like it for rails **


**  but thats just an oppinion from an old goat.   **


cheers huie

Not sure where I’d get quad Axial with Twaron in AU. 

Why Carbon?  Twaron would be so much better.

Sorry for the late reply,


I did a deck patch. I found after squeegee ing that the cloth moved so I had to try and straighten the lines best as I could, which I couldn’t help but lift the cloth a little bit so got a few bubbles around the edges. 

Then again, I’m just a backyard hacker, I saw a board at shapers with this cloth and it was magic.

It looks like it can be done without kinks - But I know from experience with the horizontal stranded stuff from the early nineties, that it depends on the quality and how the roll has been looked after before you even touch it!

Thanks Huie.

I can see it would be very hard to lay up without the carbon strands wandering. I can live with the wiggly matrix. 

hey pin   its ok but take note the grid is not all exact a bit all over the place and it does need a e glass over for best result   cosmetic


It does.

Did you do a cut lap on the bottom, or mid rail?

Looks cool, no test as yet. 


Did you do a full deck lam or just a tail patch?

How does it wrap around the rails?

I want to do

deck 1 x 4 oz carbon quad axial 1 x 3 oz e-glass

bottom 1 x 4 oz quad axial e-glass


I have. It looks great.