Anyone used Teccel Blanks from Brazil?

Hi Swaylockers,

I’m thinking of ordering some blanks in bulk as the price of blanks around here is going skywards.

I was wondering if any of you guys have any experience of Blanks from Teccel, I did find a little bit of info on them and nothing negative, but I thought I would ask here as you guys usually post good hones opinions on such things.

So is it any good? And for anyone that knows, which type/ density etc would be best for standard poly shortboards upto mini mal size?





A few years ago I got a batch of them from SurfSource down in Florida.  It was very nice foam.  It was harder than US Blanks and shaped a little nicer too.  Boards were very ding resistant.  I can get US Blanks locally now so I haven’t ordered any more since.

Thanks mako,

By any chance can you remember what density (colour) you were using, and general weight of finished shortboards compared to US Blanks?