APB greenough film

so lyle is here we want to find greenough film stuff he’s a vhs guy whadda we do …dolphin glide availiability? echos? please inform asaplease…ambrose …I like to watch

echos can be found at the end of crystal voyager, availble DVD but only in PAL format (you need to check your player) but NTSC (US video standard) can be found on VHS. I got mine from the UK, call Strong Current on North Shore, they may have it.

got mine here


also innermost limits of pure fun is readily available on NTSC VHS from any number of US surf shops…no need to order from UK

Buy a $35 DVD CyberHome DVD player from BestBuy. Search the net for the 3 button keypad code to unlock it to play DVD from all regions. It’s really that simple.

Echos tubes in slo-mo coming up. Ready?

went best buy all I could search was the $239$ cyber home , just a kook… can ya keypad any ol’ player? ambrose…thanks for the info …surf video guys fixed me up but xtal voyuer is european

In regards to Crystal Voyager on dvd I got my el cheapo dvd to play regionless, the problem is the format is still a different frequency (european = pal) than our tv sets (u.s.= ntsc)

So far I can only view it on my computer. Yep Echoes rules.

I even had my brother who’s good with computers spend 3 hours with me trying to get it to output from the computer to a tv screen. Eventually we got it to play, but it was black and white and looked like a lunatic messed with the vertical hold. And I think the sound was jacked up/ non-existent.

There are ‘play all’ devices like rolliges suggested but they probably, as you saw, are expensive.

I did check a hole-in-the-wall-with-knowledgable-guys electronic place for a pal-ntsc converter, but they only had one old emerson ntsc-pal converter, and that model only worked in one direction.

Sooner or later I will find a way to ‘archive a vhs copy for myself’. (read ‘make a vhs copy for ambrose’) Amazing how much you learn (and how much frustration) just trying to share some old greenough footage. Good luck, maybe you’ll beat me to it.

The output has to be in either format. The CyberHome dvd player can do this. After the crack, play any region to NTSC TVs. Cool.