Apex Epoxy????

has anyone used this Epoxy, if so, what did you think?

so the stuff is made in China? i have been using surfsource stuff, not bad, but wanted to test the waters…
i have also used Greenroom resin, awesome stuff, but still want to see what is out there

Ogre—I’ve been a few “Pro” glass shops.  I’ve yet to see shop that buys drums of Epoxy.  Most “pro” glass shops that do Poly and Epoxy;  do less than 1/3 Epoxy.  You usually do see a drum of Silmar with a pump in a corner somewhere.  The Epoxy is usually in jugs sitting on the floor or a shelf.  I’ve even seen glass shops that buy their poly in 5’s because they are not high volume shops and there is a shelf life usually recomended by manufacturers of six months for Poly.  I sure would’nt try to sell any resin out of my shop that was over six months.  Too “iffy”.  A 25% savings is a big deal to a small shop.  Provided the product used does not detract from a quality glass job.   As far as Fiberglass Hawaii’s Epoxy.  Lot’s, if not most glass shops use it in the Islands.  Quality and convenience. Lowel

I guess everybody is afraid to speak up on this Epoxy.  Probably afraid of being hammered by RR devotees.  Apex is a decent product and will get the job done.  BUT-----------  It is Chi-Com.  The product is fine.  Where it comes from is what bothers me.

thanks for the info, im going to give it a try.

life is tough, get a hard hat!

I’ve found that Apex is the best out there.  No need for Additive “F” .  It’s thicker harderner makes the draw on your lam coats good.  flows into the fiberglass without catching or dragging the cloth.  Dosn’t run off the board as quickly so you can work your way around the board.  Most importantly the thicker harderner (It’s not crazy thick…but thicker than Resin Research) is the best for the hot coat.  It dosn’t run or puddle like “RR”.  RR can leave little riverlets in the contouring.  Also it sands really well without Additive “F”.  It dosn’t blush either.  I’ve also had fewer problems with exotherm. (heat drawing air from the blank and creating a stream of air and pushing up the fiberglass as it dries.)    I just moved to the east coast from San Diego and Resin Research is the norm out here.  I miss being able to get APEX Epoxy as easily. 

It’s slightly cheaper and sooo much better than RR.  Even with shipping cost’s…It’s worth it.  Saves time and more importantly head aches. 

Mark Schneider of Schneider Surfboards turned me on to it and it’s the only Resin I use now.   If you’re in San Diego you can order a kit from him or fiberglasssource.com  He also builds really good blanks.  Much better than USblanks which tend to have more nose rocker than most of todays shortboards.  WNC blanks are pretty good though.  They will do custom cuts as well.

You can get APEX from fiberglasssource.com  They shipped it to me.  But I recently noticed that they don’t ship this product.  I’m not sure what gives on that front. (and to be honest I’m a bit worried about that)  I’m going to try and order three more kits.  Will see what a phonecall can get me.

Long reply but in Short.  APEX is the best I’ve found.

I was mistaken on their country of origin.  They are out of New Dehi, India.  Not Chi-Com,  I think this is the same Epoxy that Aereomarine sells.

Its not bad…

I am really digging the new FGH epoxy

Its brighter and more vibrant than the apex.

HOWEVER with lap grinds the FGH burns and browns faster than the Apex.

I switched to FGH for surfboards and still use apex for paddleboards.

So acqua-------  Elaborate for me;  Are you saying that a lap on Epoxy turns brown after it is ground?  Do you grind them with the die grinder?  Do you think it is the heat created by the die grinder?  So some Epoxys do this worse than others?  How about RR?  If it is the heat from the grinder?? Maybe it would be better to knock down the laps with a block and sandpaper?  Why do use one Epoxy for surfboards?  and another for paddleboards.  Can you clarify your comments for me??

It doesnt brown everywhere just in sections that are overheated. Say you lap your tail and it lands over your rail lap, hangs a bit and has a drip… No big deal it happens and it youjust grind it… Those are the areas that heat up and brown. standard laps are ok.  Yeah its the heat buildup of the grinder for sure.

For a home guy you can hand sand fine and that little caveat isnt a big deal, it was just something learned. now that we know we just avoid that issue if we have to grind a lap and have a little sloppy area we just hit it a few times rather than all at once. Again no big deal, just had to learn it.

Yeah some are worse than others.

We mainly use one epoxy for surfboards and one for paddleboards for 3 reasons… Time, Money and clarity.

Apex is 25% cheaper, paddleboards are generally always tinted so it saves me a bit of cash. Less than 70 for  a 1.5 gallon kit and I can easily net a paddleboard and a shortboard out of it. So I  generally will do the paddleboard and save the rest for the next colored EPS blank that comes through.

I like the strength and workability so i dont feel its a comprimise of the product, I do think however the FGH is brighter and more vibrant than apex. So on the clears/surfboards I use the FGH now.

Time. FGH has a fast hardner Apex hardner is slower, great for paddleboard but way to slow for surfboards. We dont have time for a 2.5 hour flip on surfboards.



Acqua----- Gothcha.  Figured that was it…

Apex is 25% cheaper, paddleboards are generally always tinted so it
saves me a bit of cash. Less than 70 for  a 1.5 gallon kit and I can
easily net a paddleboard and a shortboard out of it. So I  generally
will do the paddleboard and save the rest for the next colored EPS blank
that comes through    

A pro glass shop that buys and uses 1.5 gallon kits ? Whats with that, explain ?

yeah we dont do enough Epoxy to warrant keeping a lot on hand. Plus we have 3 diffent types. So its just a matter of keeping the inventory full.

We go through poly like water But neither of our guys who bring in the most boards do much epoxy. 10-1 easy.

India? China? Not sure how these rumors get started, Apex is made in California.

I am low-low volume, and have used Apex on the last three boards.  First 1.5gal kit, I got from WNC Foam. Second (and future) 1.5gal from Fiberglass Source (Surf Supply) in Oside.  Even with the colder spell in San Diego (Garage around 65-72 degrees), Apex kicked off as expected and gave me a decent 1.5hr to fill coat and another 1.5-2hr for lap cut - fine for me. Have not tried the super clear (blue-violet tinted hardener) on a non-tinted board yet… This week, maybe. I like it.

Have also tried: Super Sap (Entropy), RR KK, and Greenroom.

I prefer Greenroom and Apex.  Both have good working time for me and sand down well without additive F. My second board was with RR KK and I botched it big time - rookie.

Maybe you should try a Google search??  I don't believe everythying on the "Net" is true and I'm not knockin' the product.  But ----  Maybe you can stear me on to a link that states otherwise and supports your belief that Apex is made in Calif.??  Maybe it's just "poured" in Calif.??

This product was a ground-up formulation between us and our chemist/formulator (here in California) with imput from our customers. We take delivery in bulk, repackage, label, and distribute the product worldwide. I would love to have you sample the product free of charge, and compare with what you are currently using.

I would switch the name then to something that doest reflect a big epoxy company in India with the same name. Just my 2 cents.

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PM me with name and a # that you can be reached at.  I sell blanks-resin-cloth in Oregon.  Lowel