apex quick set epoxy resin

Does anyone know how long apex quick set epoxy resin takes to dry???  can’t find any info on it on the web.

they sell it at fiberglass source.


I haven’t used anything other than their original.  In a good controlled temp it was comparable to RR 2100 & Fast hardener.

thanks for the reply.  so about a 3 hour flip time?

Yeah maybe a little quicker.  I had one guy who has a nice insulated, heated shop and he loved it.  Another who usually uses RR whose shop isn’t as controlled and he thought it was too slow to set hard.

hot coated bottom today and was able to pull tape after 2 hours in 68 degree weather here in venice, ca.  so far so good. haven’t sanded yet but all other steps went pretty well with it. thanks for your input much appreciated.

Any time.  I’m in Oregon so  you should have no problem.  It looks like really good Resin.  Viscosity etc.  Up here, even really good resin can be problematic. Lowel

no problems with the hot coat? i heard it can fisheye worse than the resin research  and entropy products.

The fisheye reports might be from me.

 Up unitl I bought the first 1.5 gallons of Apex, I had only worked with System3 resins  and once with West systems, and did not really know what a fisheye was, it happened only on dings when I confined them via tape, and then likely got some tape adhesive in the sanded area, or a big grit of dust decided to land on it while it was trying  to thicken.


The Apex epoxy fisheyed ballistically on me, and was mitigated to a large degree by reducing the chances of contamination and dust falling on it, but I never entirely eliminated it as my conditions cannot be totally controlled, IE shade tree /tarp type of stuff.

I refrained from commenting on its speed as I never glassed a foam board with it, but I will buy more if it, as System3 is too expensive for ding repairs or other areas that I have employed epoxy, non surf related.


It is far faster than any system3 resin I have used, expcept perhaps the general purpose with fast hardener, but I never liked the way that combo cured and went back to medium.

There are fisheye killers avaliable to the auto and cabinet shop guys. I use a product called Smoothie. I wonder if it would work with epoxy. I put a teasponn in to a spray cup of lacquer’


So you are in Venice??  In that case get technical advice from Wade at Fiberglass Hawaii in Ventura/Oxnard.  Their Epozy is one of the best.  Lowel

No problems with fish eyes. Did a thin paste coat and hot coat went on smooth. Scuffed amd wiped down with a clean rag before all that. Good stuff for the price. Gallon and a half only $75. I did use additive f for the first time amd liked the results w sanding easier ect…