I’ve got several boards under my belt, and last ones are looking pretty professional. I’m looking for anyone willing to take someone under their wing for cheap, or even free (depends on the particulars), so I can hammer out some parts of the process that are still causing me trouble and advance my skills, too. The only condition I’d ask for off the bat is that the jefe be willing to talk about the process and let me observe.

I can send pictures of boards if that helps.

I’m a school teacher by trade… I am used to making a pathetic salary. For the love or nothing.

Vagabond hails from Rhode Island.

That would be unfortunate. But thanks, I’ll check it out, Otis.

what the hey?

where do you live then vagabond? how can someone offer to show you anything if you don’t mention a location?

Sorry. I was replying to Otis’ sign off comment, “Google… etc.” Didn’t realize what it was at the time. Thought it was his suggestion.

Yup, Otis is right. I live in Rhode Island. I am, as the name hints, transportable, though depending on the gig and timing. Right now I’m signed up to teach one more semester at a community college here. So, I’m totally available in January but potentially sooner (again, depending on the gig, etc.)


Vagabond, This might be a longshot. 

Gary Hanlon Ia not only an incredible shaper He is also a teacher. Gary works out of Moonlight glassing . I would send out an email to Moonlight or Surfy Surfy. Everyone there are pretty good people. They have been making boards since Noah gave up the Ark for  a Longboard. They know and have glassed boards for some of the best shapers in the industry. You just never know who will talk in the door, looking to get a board glassed.

The short of it is part time work going to kids who live at home w/ the folks or who have other part-time stuff going.

The long or longshot of it is, …not going to hire anyone w/ no exp. who isn’t already situated locally else they be responsible for them.

I cant’ see anyone telling someone from R.I. with no exp. to come on out for some part-time hours etc., only to find out they dont like how they work, their work ethic, or they are just not a fit. Situations like that can turn ugly.

The skills needed arent exotic, people arent recruited from out of state. Yada Yada Yada.


If you have a college degree? and arent teaching ESL(English as a second language) or night-time yoga classes  then stick to the white collar world, there is less unemployment there over the blue collar world (surf ghettos).


A one armed man with one finger left can probably count the # of times someone with no exp. and no posting history(nobody knows you enough to even like you),  has posted looking for work and gotten a job on this forum.




Thank you for the suggestion, artz. I’ll check it out. So Otis, it’s happened once before, then? I have a chance then, right?

There are many industry people here that post on this forum and not a one has seen pictures of your work, seen you ask questions nor participate on these forums.

Your participation here serves as a resume. You have none.

Your chances: Zilch!


You won’t even be posting here very soon, you’ll be off on some other tangent in your life to scruff up some work or new career direction all via the deceptively easy conduit of the internet.




Your point is well taken Otis. I was going to ask questions and post pictures of the boards I’ve done, and still will. But I know shaping excites me enough to put myself out there off the batt, and while I’ve got along way to go, the boards I’ve done over the last few years rip rather nicely. 

I thought I was polite enough, and if you follow our thread I think you’ll find your antagonisms aren’t very well deserved (though I admit to naivete).

Alright, I suspect others are tired of this banter. Let’s discontinue this.  

Help ! Help ! can not post !!

I have a funny story.  I’ve known Dick Brewer most of my life.  He is truely a living legend.  I’ve heard so many stories about RB growing up not to mention how he’s influenced so many in how they use a planer, design, etc.  I know that when these greats pass it is truely a loss of knowledge.

Feeling all nostalgic I ran into him the other day and asked if I could just watch.  Promised not to ask any questions.  Just wanted to see him shape, see mastery in action.  Before I get a chance to explain my motivation on how it would be like watching a timeless master at his craft he says “$500 and you pay for the blank”.  I said what?  He says “$2000 for a balsa gun and you pay for the blank”.  I just smiled and shook his hand and told him to have a nice day.  Oh well it was a nice thought.  

I guess my nostalga and his time couldn’t come to an agreed price.

$500? Do you get to keep the board, if so thats a frigen bargan?!  Blanks are $50 in the US? Lets say $300 to get glassed, so thats $850 for a board that you created with a living legend!!  Dick Brewer wont be making boards for eternity, thats a good opportunity!!

‘I just smiled and shook his hand and told him to have a nice day’.  You showed him!! Fully ripping DMP!



     Howzit DMP,I have known Dick since 1970 and I hate to say it but I feel his has lost his surfing soul and is just in it for the money that his name will get him. I know that about 10 years ago he charged a guy $5,000 to hang with him and watch him shape and supposidly learn how in less than 2 weeks. Te guy said it was the worst money he ever spent and really didn't learn a thing. Aloha,Kokua

Aloha Kokua,

No worries it’s all good.  I really can’t blame him.  He’s put in his time and deserves to be paid.  He has an actual student that pays him for his time.  I feel confident enough in my own progression and am forever grateful for all the answers to my stupid questions that Chuck Andrus and Dennis Pang gave me.   Not to mention all the generous people on Swaylocks.  It was just one of those funny moments in life where reality smacks fantasy in the face.  

I told Steve Lis and Sleigh the story at Black Pot the other day and they had a good laugh.