APS3000, EPS, Epoxy...Calling meanshapes

Got bored today and began mucking around with the APS program. Churned out a cool looking outline, semi Fryeish. Interested to try it as my first board with eps foam. Where are you located meanshapes? I read from the walker foam post that you said you use the aps machine. I’d be interested to give this shape a try in some high density foam. T minus 48 hours…

Seattle Wa. PSNW www.ewaliko.com

Whats an APS Program do?

Check this out Jesh http://www.aps3000.com/software/program/program.html

Brett try again the nose of the board should be to the right of the screen. Go to the upper right corner and go through the tutorials…

You just made me reaaaaaaaallly stoked!

I’ve been dying to try something like this.

So I guess then I need to find someone near san diego to cut it?

Anyone know of a place in southern california/san diego?

How would I find someone to cut itout the sonce it’s done.

Is there a specific type of cnc machine (aps)?

oops, never mind figured it out…


oops, never mind figured it out…

So, what is the answer ?

Yeah, I know the nose should be on the right. I was just messing around, pulling things every direction and then all of a sudden I stopped, and made a few tweaks, then didn’t know how to repeat what I achieved backwards like that. I am sure I could do it again, but that is just an idea for an outline. I am gonna redo it eventually…sooooooon.

I believe the aps3000 software is designed specifically for the aps machine(which is really cool by the way). While it may be easy and free to give the software a go, you either need to know some generous soul who owns one and will give you access, find a shop with one that does one offs for the public, or save up that beer money and buy your own machine.

I’m not getting my hopes up on any of those just yet;)

Its a very useful tool for templating. It requires that you use Adobe Illustrator, but it works great. I’ve heard that they are working on a way to print full sized templates.

My brother has one in San Clemente. I’m not sure what he’s charging to cut one offs. But, it would help if you already had a blank to fit you board into and you had both files done on the software.

Could you elaborate on this. Do you need to have a file for the blank and one for the board? Do you need any special markers for the blank?

We have blanks that we make for our production, similar to the 62C-65P-69A you get the picture (The fatty’s) and we cut other guy’s boards locally. If anyone needed they could send us a file we will cut the board and drop ship it. We offer either 3,6mm pvc or a marine ply stringer.Custom rockers can be achieved if someone needed some volume other wise slight adjustments are possible. Usually under 7’ we can get 4 in a box for $60. The blanks need to be spackled so any light damage will be filled at that point. We have been doing this for a few guys. Saves them time. The Blanks and cut usually ends up costing the same as a eps outlined blank. Let us know if we can help anyone…

When you actually cut a board you need both files. Now I’ve only observed this. But, here’s my best recollection. It’s best to start with a blank file and build the board that will fit comfortably with in the blank file. To get a blank file, place the blank in a flat rectangular measuring box and the Z height for both top and bottom contours at every 4" of along the length of the board. Do the same for the Y width. There is a plotting program that allows you to enter the X,Y & Z coordinates into the program. This is a bit time consuming and needs to be done very accurately or it affects the final result. Garbage in garbage out. Then once you have an accurate blank file it’s pretty easy to fit the board into the blank and cut it. But, since it’s pretty time and accuracey sensative, it would be a significant amount of the cost quoted to do a one off.

Yeah I’m intriuigued.

So given the current state of affairs, I would buy a block of eps. Then design a blank using the software?

Next would I cut rocker and outline using a hot wire and put in the stringer?

After that I take the blank, blank design file, and board design file to an aps guy(maybe your bro??)

My guesss is that the machine needs a set of numbers(blank) as a starting point, and that cutting directly from a block is either not possible, difficult, or time consuming??

Is your brother at northwind glassing? Someone else gave me their name.

Also Tom you are the RedX guy right? Not sure if you designed and market them or?? I’ve been using them for awhile, had some problems with the glassing around them. Pretty much solved it though. I have been using the fiberglass fins and I really like them. They can really load up like the old fins. Do the carbon flex fins have similar properties or are they diferent?

Surf is on the way!

Jesh, As we are way up north and are not in the mainstream of the industry we have extra time on our hands to do things like experiment with different materials (EPS/XPS-EPOXY), Play with new designs etc, work with guys trying to make the transition to EPS, that is if we are not surfing in 40 degree water :wink:

Arrrgh 40 degree water!!! Is that 5mil country???

I know you guys must have some great surf.

I looked at your web site. Can I send an email to you guys then? I saw an email address on the site.

Jimmy or Miki would be the best to chime in on this. But, here’s my impression. You could put a rectangular block of EPS in there and cut a shaped blank as long as it doesn’t have to remove say more than 3" of thickness in any depth cut. But, you’re going to make a hell of a mess doing so.

No, the guys at North Wind are super cool. But, my brother is just a shaper in San Clemente that does all the Dewey Weber boards and short boards under the Soul Sticks label.

My shops right down the street. We manufacture Red X, LokBox and 4-Way fins. I’ve got a Next Generation Series that are working out insane. NACA generated foils with super resilient new materials. The Carbon lite fins we make in my opinion suck. The market wanted a super lite fin. Carbon actually weighs more than Nylon. So, inorder to make the Carbon Lites lite we had to reduce the amount of carbon that’s in the material. So, they are liter. But, they are also flexier than the glass filled nylon. And, the new stuff blows that away.