Aqueous premier

Howzit… Just a feelgood post regarding the local premier of Aqueous, Jaker’s (JJ Walsh - lil’ brother of local pro on the WQS Frank Walsh) new surf video. Held at the Margate Tighe School, hundreds of locals and not-so-locals showed up to check out JJ’s work. Groms and Grandparents, moms, dads and everyone in between showed up. Even better was the contributions that were made - tons of clothes to the local rescue mission, donations for the new Margate skate park, announcements for an upcoming fundraiser for the Dean Randazzo Cancer Foundation as well as the next Surfrider South Jersey chapter meeting. To top it off, we all got to see one hell of a flick. Good Work Jaker, can’t wait for the next one.

I was there. Jaker did a great job. Congrats Buddy.