Are any pigments suitable for both epoxy and polyester resins?

I am starting to get a fair number of dings to repair on both epoxy and polyester boards and I would like to do some colour matching with the resin. I would like to get a set of basic colours - white, black, red, blue & yellow and mix/match my own. Is it practical to use a pigment that is compatible with both polyester and epoxy or do I need to a set of colours for each?

For example I am led to believe that apart from the usual pigment pastes you can add tempera powder to epoxy but dont know if its compatible with PE. And with PE you can use acrylic pastes but do they work with epoxy?

I am trying to save money at the moment but I suppose I shouldnt do that if it compromises quailty.

as far as i know any pigment you use for epoxy can be used be polyester resin. i have never bought/used a pigment or tint that worked with epoxy and did not work with polyester. but always be safe and do test panels. i stick with resin specific pigments / tints. so maybe that is why i am safe.

Color epoxy with standard poly pigments. The Foam-Ez pigments have worked very well for me in both opaques and tints using RR and FGH epoxies.  Get a color wheel from an art supply store to match color on repairs. 

Thanks for this.

I have a fair bit of epoxy work to do so I thought I would start with a set of these epoxy pigments and then see how they work with polyester

Now trying to get to grips with the colour wheel

I haven’t seen it talked much about on here but I prefer the way tints/pigments mix with epoxy over poly. Color seems to mix eavenly and quickly into epoxy without even straining the resin. I’ve tried 3-4 different brands of pigments and never had a problem mixing them with epoxy.