are there any SA 2003 T shirts avalible for purchase? *NM*

Yes, I have a few left over at 10.00 ea. Contact me at and we can work it out.

oh john sen me three as mine was exposed to dirty work today as me woife had three very tall coconut palms removed to delight and entertain me as well as to move the large piles of surfboards into the sun… the ensuing trabajan made my x-large unworthy of meeting the queen…two large an one x-large please, schek to ? usted ?,b of e? coronado canoe club boosters?any thing you say i will likely do… ambrose? …yes ambrose

If there are any left, I’ll take one. Just let me know how much I owe.

Is there any XL’s left, if so, I would like one. Please let me know. Thanks.

Yes, there are a few XLs left.

John, Let me know if you run out and I can print some more, for people who still would like to get one. Mark

John If mark is going to print up some shirts let us know Xl Would be too big for me. But that wouldn’t stop me from getting one anyway.

Mike Paler has some official Swaylock’s t-shirts available. Stay tuned!