Are there? If there are, I don’t know of any. I wonder why women haven’t given it a try as far as shaping, sanding, glassing, etc. There are a lot of young female riders out there but where are they in terms of building the craft?

…may be in China

I saw those pictures about the megafactories…and lots of women doing the glass steps, but only men doing the shape thing

but with all the lack of know how about what s really going on with that item called sufboard


I ask yourself, are there any women building hotrods, boats, skateboards, bikes, etc?

Ashley Lloyd shapes her own Bing model. Yes, she actually does, I asked Matt.

Edit: didn’t mean to skip Rachel, I thought that was obvious!

there is our very own talented rachel. who posts on here all the time.

theres always Teena

…I guess KDsurfer ask about doing like full job


This girl shapes 'em and also does a pretty decent job of painting 'em too.