are these surfing implements historical data?

the great collections of handmade marvels through the ages,the russian Czarina Cathrine’s Hermitage

the Louve

The metropolitan museum of art NYC

the gugenheim

The Getty museum

the british roal museum

ad Infinitum…

filled with works of men deeply involved with the crafts of painting

sculpture,weaving,assemblage of all sources of materials…

do not all these implements of our collective passion,surfing,

fit snugly into this niche?


the final days of clark foam

make a distinct line in the sands of time

these last blanks will be the final examples

of the specific clark foam school

or perhaps period

ye the affectionados

are honor bound

to make em well

for these last examples

are surely to be the basis

for judging all that follows

the king is dead ,

long live the king!

call it folk craft

we be the old guys

down the way

that made boards of clark foam


it wont be long before thats a memory

the great wealty houses of medici

brithsh royal crown

czarist russia



.adolph sutro

king tut

aquisition of objects ,appreciation,and preservation

of cottage industry products

tools of the industrial revolution

and industrial disolution

will live far beyond us.

make these last the best

the others will be compost soon enough…


just a thought


ambrose, the questioning poet, have you read dora’s Biography yet? if not i suggest you do.

will these relics be examples of our seperation from our mother?

will we return and care for her after we have neglected and abused her?

only after the two of us are reconciled will we truly reach our promised lands

are we not our mothers children

arent we living dora’s bibliographical dream?

kids from nowhere

sitting hillside watching cautiously and

jumping out of the way of the seasonal fires.

later day

Blood california indians feel for the truth

"call it folk craft

we be the old guys

down the way

that made boards"

Preserving the archaic through use of the arcane?

A wealthy businessman once said,

"The men who make really big money

never get their hands dirty

touching the products they sell."

Howzit Dale, Maybe it’s time for a surfboard building magazine, with all the info in the archives we would have a good start. It would have interviews with board builders and their team riders and also backyard builders to even things out. Net proceeds could fund Swaylocks forever. There was an article in the Honolulu Advertiser about surfers doing business while surfing and one of them called surfing the “new golf”. Aloha,Kokua

That’s a real good idea! I would subscribe…

That is the best thing i have heard ever.

I recently went to the new DeYoung museum in San Francisco. I was checking out their amazing Oceania collection which is all the stuff from the tribal cultures of the South Pacific/Indonesia, etc. There it was, a piece of wood approximately 5 feet long with an outline that was nearly identical to a modern shortboard outline. It had a kind of spiral and face painted in the middle. The description of the object called it something like an “ancestor totem” as I recall. It had what looked like hand-grips on the rails. I stared at it for a long time, and wondered if it had been mis-categorized.

Howzit pandanus, Now I wonder if we have any Swaylockians who are familiar with setting up a magizine, This could work and I’ve been throwing things around in my head about it.Aloha,Kokua

does the lexicon cowboy get a farthing a paragraph?

do the woids of the darjeeling sipper get intelectual propryeatary

remuneration in the nation?

will the authorities be displaced by journalists?

will damon runion beat herb caen because he is syndicated in chicago?

all this and more in the next epistle of “,Jodphurs in the Shaping Room”

availiable at newsstamds

every where

there are shapers that read


Howzit Ambrose, You're going to be in the first edition. Aloha,Kokua

I wouldn’t mind contributing some graphic design expertise…

How about just a section in a mag, perhaps a pull out section, swaylockers can contribute as editors and the mags/ swaylocks can come to an agreement as to the money issue. I don’t know if I see enough of a market to sustain an entire magazine. This way would be a good test to see if there is… I would rather not see it in one of the big mags such as surfer, tw surf, or surfing, but something like Water or whatever, where it is more focused on just photography, grass roots surfing, not as much media propaganda… I’m guessing most backyarders would share this sentiment.

a shapers quarterly would work good i bet. every 3months there is plenty to write and see hell most surf mags have the same shots in them every month see it in one in june and then see a similar session post in mag b in september. it would work

mag not a magizine, something small would be plausible, something like 4-5 pages front and back quarterly to get started.

get this …on line magazine

like salon

print it out and send copy price to


duh duh dough$$$$$$$

editing staff organizing

photos eeee gad men

it’s all here .

that aint a forest its just trees and we are sitting on the branches

hhyie owls at night mynah birds during the day.

we have the unique oppertunity

to blend the calls of blue Jays crows,doves, pidgons,callif condors.

european skylarks,wood peckers,cookoos,kukaburas…in this grand conference of the birds.

print I have heard is a dying medium.

expensive to print good color

and a horror to distribute…

senda dolla envelope manditory in every issue/maybe five?

still cheap…

mebe dist on a disc

magazie on a disc



go to the light

the blue light

way down low

|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Mother…is the name for God…on the lips of all children///////////////////////////////////

pssst…don’t tell anyone…this is one of my current projects…

clairvoyants align

devine what color shorts paler is going to put on sunday morning…

sealed guesses need only submit entries

winners will be awarded

outside set at favorite spot.

dont pick cardmon with blue lightning bolts I already pcked that


Howzit Mike, I hope you really are in the process of doing this since it os a good idea and keep Sways up and running for years to come. We’re number one and lets do more to share what we know.Aloha,kokua