Are you as stoked as Nate?

Nate was born with Down syndrome, nobody is more STOKED!

I’d like to see the photo of his smile when he finished.

That look on someones face when we are the only ones that know exactly how they feel at that moment.

Stoked. brightened my day.



Im most happiest when i get a ride where i do everything right, especially timing. My most fave surf was head high, and i just did everything perfect, took off right every wave, timed all turns right, and when i paddled back out the back, the waves disappeared, only for beautiful waves to pop up right in front of me once i got out the back every time. Super stoked, so much fun. I dont need much to be stoked though, sometimes i might make a steep drop on a wave only to wipeout off the top, but, im stoked i make the drop, or i’ll recover from the wobbles, or pull off a cheater 5 on a small fat wave. It’d suck if you got to the point where only a 10’ barrel got you stoked.

Downs people are special human beings. The adjective that comes to mind is genuine. Mike


Nate was born with Down syndrome, nobody is more STOKED!

Nate is the MAN!!! Thanks for sharing that special moment ACE. Mahalo, Larry

Nate and his sister Natalie and dad Lenny are part of the O.B. scene.

Wow thanks ace. My Mom is a diagnostition so I grew up around downsyndrom and autistic people. I have taken austistic kids surffing but never anyone with down syndrom. That kid is stoked! sorry about the spelling.

Hi Nate -

If you are reading this…


I love his face, his facail expression is more intense and focused than most of the competitors in the trails at Teahupo this year.


Nate was born with Down syndrome, nobody is more STOKED!


My stoke usually gets smoothered when I see the conditions around here.

The other day a couple of my friends and I watched this group of adult beginners going out in knee high drool,screaming and laughing in a stoke as if it was Bali or something.

My friend Dave Hegs stated how they looked and acted like kooks.

I said ,“You know why we’re not like them?”…silence…“because we know better.”

Sometimes being a kook is a good thing,ya.