Arms a flappin'

Hey guys, haven't been surfing too much lately, but went out yesterday morning. On the first wave coming off the bottom, backhand, for some reason i dropped my inside arm, and raised my outside arm, kind of like a balance thing. I dont normally do it, but shit, it made a big difference to the control of the turn, and seemed to help with keeping the momentum going. I ended up linking a smooth cutback doing the same thing. Felt like i could twist my body around further, because i felt more stable.


I tried to conscioulsy do it on the next wave and kooked out big time ( was pretty funny ! ).


Do any of you use your arms for more balance/control??


P.S I was on a midlength if it matters.

Just like Andy Irons!

   Howzit beerfan it's all OK as long as you don't do the paper thrower moves, thay are very kookish looking. Aloha,Kokua


Just like Andy Irons!


ha ha, the way you described it Beerfan, i was thinkin A.I. too...

when i used to snowboard, if someone went over a jump with their arms waving, we used to call it "rolling up the windows" usually followed immediately by a "yard sale"

Haha, Kokua, "paper thrower" ? what's that??


Definately have nothing in common surfing wise with A.I, wish i did though haha.

I normally concentrate on my legs, and middle, i dont think too much about where my arms are, or what they're doing, but it made such a big difference, in a positive way. I'll try again and see what happens.



    Howzit beerfan, Paper throwing is when the guy keeps moving his arm up and down just like he is throwing a newspaper,not a stylish move and not a pretty sight either. Aloha,Kokua

wasn’t mark richards a noted arm throwing guy?

woody brown influenced a whole generatiion with arm extentions

each arm ,if you removed and put em on a scale

weigh upwards to 15% of total body weight

puting em under controlled articulation

can make or break a spontaneous manuvre

or extemporaneous  manuring can undo 

a critical yet necessary escape from deep jeopardy

inside the waves bowels.

Keeping control of extremities

right down to finger english,thank you professor sutherland,

and the higher study of body english ala Dr.Henry ‘skip’  Frye

of the San Diego institutes are

required courses when appling for your 

graduate studies.


old magazine some where has dotted lines and stuff

and one time prescribed pharmaceuticals 

were ingested to access molecular memory storage of 

correct postures akin to classical ballet moves

currently obscured by stances exceeding shoulder width.


flying arms outside car windows

can put you intouch with arm dynamix




watch Jerry Lopez surf,,,

totaly relaxed and total control right down to the finger tips

yes he uses his arms,,, as do I ,,, it helps to get the torso wound up to move and flow through a turn

just like pulling a 360 on a skateboard,,, you got to wind up and use your arms for centrifugal force.

they also help when paddling... HaHa!

I have been known to spread my wings. Beimg 6’3" tall I have quite a span. Must work my hair while grey is still dry.

Tai chi surfers, Miyagi, cranes, pelicans, storks. We’ve got a pete townsend at the local here, well had one till I said something about it. He kinda stopped doing it after that. Must not have been intentional huh? I caught myself raising the arms on a wave over the weekend, guess that wasn’t against my religion at the moment. Had the best surf of the year here last weekend. Found a wave that was just like BIG chuns without that bumpy section as the wave turns into the bay at a secret undisclosed location. That typhoon that went over Taiwan was spitting out some long long rights. There is a little guy here that spins his arms so fast trying to catch a wave he resembles an alcohol burning windmill. I don’t harass him for it. I kinda like seeing it. :slight_smile: My humble pie came the following day while I waited on top of tetrapods with my alaia for my cramped thigh muscle to loosen up. Never did and had to call a guy over to go get my foamy that was on the beach and paddle it out to me. Oh well, at least the thigh was burning for a reason.

I’m an arm flapper too. Don’t know that I do it, I don’t even notice it while surfing. My friends told me.


Hans, yours and Kelly’s look similar. Mine were up and skyward. Palms to heaven.