Art Work Application Suggestions

To All, I am getting ready to start another wakesurf board for a friend who has been very gracious to take us out this summer and give us some ride time. He has sent me a very simple design that shouldn’t be too hard. I have created six other boards this winter but all of them were just white with two of them having artwork applied by my children with posca pens after the hot coat. From the design he sent I am thinking that the best option is to just do a foam spray with water based acrylic after applying the filler coat (dap fast and final) to the Marko eps blank. And then after it’s completely dry continue with the lam and hot coat. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks Tony

I’d stay away of that dap spackle. They changed the formula and is hard to sand and grayish.I just bought a tub of it and found out the hard way…then I read it on here afterwards

Get some Sherwin Williams spackle 

Carry on 

You’re on the right track, spray the green with acrylic paint. The black pinline may be tricky to do on EPS, might want to do that on the hot coat.

tenderloin, thanks i will look for the that .

thank you surfthis, yeah I was wondering about the pin line the first thought was after the green had been applied to mask it off and spray it too. Good thing is Now he does not want the black pinline , he just wants the green and now he is not sure about continuing the green on the bottom just the top. Which I am fine with that.

You are useing epoxy? Might be simpler to paint over the hotcoat with a water based automotive Acylic. I  just bought some samples of System Three marine Arylic paint to test out can be applied with or with out a hardner.  

I would mask it and paint it before glassing, then add the pin line at some point before final coat. That’s just me.

artz, yes I am using epoxy.  thanks for the info. I really appreciate all the info from everyone.

Yes –  normal would be spray green on the spackled foam and do the pinlines with a Posca Pen on the Hotcoat/ filler…  Then clear with a wipe on finish or automotive clear coat or Krylon.   Yes Dap has changed formula for the worse.  Ace lightweight spackle is good.  Lowel

If you want easy,

Get a paint roller, tape it up on the foam. Then roll on your water based paint.


Not exactly sure but it looks alot like the signature design Kelly Slater used early days.
Is the mistery freind Kelly Slater ? Has he dumped his old shaper ?

hyro_skiper,  lol i wish i was good enough to shape for Kelly Slater, but afraid not. My friend based this design off of a surfboard he had back when he was 12yrs old .

Yorky,   Thanks for that tip I may try that and MCDing thanks for the info on the spackle , I am going to stay away from the DAP , I would go to get the ACE stuff but our local ACE just this past week had a car drive through the front of the store so they are closed for remodeling right now.

Always buy the lightest and the whitest.  When you pick up a quart it feels like it’s empty.   Kelly gave up surfing and became a wake surfer??

McDing, no i don’t think he did, not that know of  lol…

did he swap that nice wave pool ? Bet he keeps that a secret in the deal