Articles on Epoxy/stryo production

Ok, I am ready to break with religion and give epoxy/styro a shot. Are there any articles on the web that provide a good overview of this topic? Please advise. Thanks Shine ps: this is the only article I have found

I answer any questions you may have.

What are the plusses and minuses of both Expanded and Extruded Blanks??

First, there was a good program on the history channel called “Hands on History” Saturday afternoon- showed “Coda(sp?)” surfboards in Indialantic beach making epoxy/styro. They were cutting their own blanks from a large block of foam - hotwire - templates - poly stringer. What is the source of the giant block of foam? What are the characteristics of “surfboard quality” Styrofoam? What is the source material for the poly stringer? Many thanks for your willingness to share your knowledge here. Thanks! Scott Shine Jax FL

Coda is one of our customers. His name is Steve Forestall and he makes some nice boards and is actually next door to Resin Research. The blocks your asking about can be bought from Imperial Foam in Ormand Beach. That foam is very light, 2# per cubic foot, and has a high strength to weight ratio. The standard glassing would be 2 layers of 4 oz. on the bottom and 3 layers of 4 oz. on the deck. That is industry standard for that construction. You may put more glass on to make it stronger. For the standard lamination a shortboard usually comes out around 5 lbs.

hello everyone, I have rigged up a hot wire cutter and produced some model airplane wings out of eps. I now want to produce an extruded styrofoam surfboard blank. Anyone know where I can find thick sheets of extruded foam in the silicon valley area of California?

You need to call Epoxy Pro in Oceanside. His name is Javier.

thanks Greg, I’ve been following the epoxy styro posts with interest and noted that JH-PRO produces xtr foam and that you produce surfboard grade epoxies. At this stage I’m aiming to do something quick and rough as an experiment. so if I can’t source some materials locally I’ll give them a call to see if I can get some shipped up.