Artisan glass shops

I’m looking for examples of Master Laminators; shops known for their super high-quality glass work, particularly where tints, opaques, pinlines, beads, etc. are concerned. Individuals, contract shops, production houses…all are to be considered. Ideas?

Try the STRIVE shop in Santa Cruz. They have an old laminator named Tony Mikus who does alot of beautiful work. They glass for Strive Surfboards, Surfboards by Michel Junod, Johnny Rice, Ward Coffey Shapes, The Indicator and Westside Surfboards. Also in SC is the Haut shop with work by Mike Wash.

Thanks Jon. I’m doing some research, and one of the areas I’m not familiar with is SC, so that helps. Others I’m aware of include Jack Reeves in Hawaii, Wayne at Takayama, and the crew at Gene Cooper’s. Always hear good things about Moonlight and PSG too. Other areas?

Roger Hinds of Country Surf (California), Greg Martz @ Watermans Guild, Tyler Surfboards, Clyde Beatty’s shop, Channin’s in Encinitas. Roger Hinds does some incredible color work. He is a great example of how a small builder can be successfull in business. Sluggo

…LET ME ADD TO SLUGGO’S LIST: Gerson of Mystic Surfboards.Simon @ Hourglass/Precision Glassing.Steve @ Aloha Glassing.All are located in the same area as Hinds,and The Surfboard Factory in Westminister,Ca…Herb