This was released at Surf Expo last week and was well received.George Miller and Surfcore has begun production of EPS and XPS foam blanks. I pass this along in the hope that it will help those in Florida and on the East Coast to find hi quality blanks. Miller is 63 and has been shaping and building boards for over 45 years. Longboards are a speciality but carbon fiber, epoxy, short boards are products he has put out recently.

Their current production is 100 EPS blanks a week with capacity for 300/wk.

All blanks are CNC hot-wired to shaper rockers and thickness profiles producing very close-tolerence blanks. .

Current stringers offered inclue 1/32 maple, 1/8" T-and, 1/4" 5-band and PVC in 1/8".

Currently filling order in one week and shipping anywhere along the East Coast.

Contact Surf Core at 934.547.1123.

I know even epoxy and EPS is not as “Green,” as we can get but this blank hickup is providing those with a sustainable sensitivity a chance to break the heqvy door of resistance to change that ironicly the surf industry has held up for decades.


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Hi-Performance Foam Surfboard Blanks

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General News Release

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The closing of Clark Foam Products has prompted the industry once again to take a serious look at alternative materials. At the forefront of these materials is the EPS/XPS/Epoxy solution set.

These materials have been used successfully for a number of years by several board builders and the industry, as a whole, has been well aware of this alternative.

SurfCore feels strongly that the future of the “grass-roots” board industry depends on the adoption of alternative materials if we are going to continue production in the Continental US.

The global surfboard industry is in a state of flux; if we are to survive we must rise to meet the challenge of change head-on. This means alternative materials and production methods.

This view is based on the shortage of molded PU blanks and pressures from the EPA on the use of Styrene based resins. It is hard to argue against the “green” qualities of the EPS/ Epoxy model. Additionally, boards built from EPS/Epoxy are lighter and stronger.

In order to meet the growing demand for a quality alternative foam blank SurfCore, working alongside industry chemical engineers, shapers and glassers has over the past three years developed a methodology that by-passes the molded blank paradigm in favor of the infinitely more flexible CNC process to produce a ”Close Tolerance” foam blank that shapes easily, glasses well and results in a high strength/weight ratio “green” board.

Shops can now submit their rocker and foil requirements to SurfCore as part of their order. Finished blanks are stringered with 1/8” or ¼” wood T-band stringers or PVC. Blanks may also be left un-stringered for greater board flex.

SurfCore was born out of the “grass roots” board industry in this county and is dedicated to it’s survival.

For more information fax us on your letter head (Fax: 954-481-9024) or email us at

George Miller

SurfCore Foam Blanks

SurfCore 231 SE 1Terr, Deerfield Beach, Fl., 33443 954-547-1123 954-481-9024 (Fax)

Web site : Most blank profile views are available; more are added everyday…

Environment 1st… Always has updated views and dimensions of blanks.