AST Resin


I am not an AST rep. Here goes, I have not seen one board more resistant to dings and pressure dents that my AST glassed board. My AST has outlasted my poly’s. I’ll own polies too, but I think some people here are posing to have owned AST glassed boards. Few glass shops glass AST. I haven’t heard of people getting rashes with AST but it is possible.

So is the verdict, PU and Poly and Clark Foam domination till enternity??? Did you guys give up?

i first saw an article about AST resin a few weeks ago, and quickly posted a thread asking for a comparison to RR epoxy resin. what i concluded is that while AST resin is more durable in some areas of testing, RR actually faired better in the areas that were most important to me and is therefore a better resin for my type of surfing. furthermore, the difficulties with glassing a board using AST reason make it completely unfeasible for the backyard board builder/glasser (like myself). in fact, it is in this area that RR epoxy supercedes all else with its long pot life, ease of mixing, etc. …and AST has got a LOOONG way to go before those guys catch up to greg.

Many glass shops have suspended working with the AST resin because the glassers were getting a rash through their gloves. Aside from that problem, it is a great product. Harbour was dropping it off their roof onto the sidewalk without seeing any damage for months. They also did a demo where they would flip it upside down and hop on it and watch it bounce right back up. Great product, just hard to use.