asymmetric board designs

Asymmetric Boards Hey guys, I have been having an issue with for hand my top turns for a while, just cant seem to snap them around, unlike my back hand top turns. This is probably poor technique on my behalf, but it leads me into asymmetric board designs. Sail boards had them in the 80’s and snow boards have them. The idea being a shorter rail length for that backhand turn. Has this been tried and found useless?

Sorry didnt do a search on the archives and found a similar post from last week, my mistake, but the toughts are all on rail lenght, what about fin placement, the thruster is a symetrical fin setup.

Also some vee off the tail, or roundpin tails, and/or side fins with narrow tips such as the FCS YU help with frontside “off the tops”.

Not that I’m against asymmetrical design, I think if done properly it could really enhance a surfers performance. The problem of course is that you now have a completely custom surfboard, which would require an intimate connection between surfer and shaper… but hey, if you are the shaper and the surfer, I don’t know how much more intimate you can get. That said, I don’t think that fancy equipment is any substitute for good old fashion technique – and fact of the matter is, backside snaps are easier than frontside. You can put your whole heel into it. But I have to agree with the last post, the YU is a great set of fins. It has a smaller center fin, really loosens up the board.

Some shapers never get it symetric anyways [wink]

i shaped an asym tailed board, couldn’t tell a difference. it was only the tail block.(i think it’s in the archives, it’s a 6’5") i think if done correctly you shouldn’t be able to feel a difference, frontside or backside would “feel” the same. to me a more drawn out frontside is what you’d want(pin/swallow) and quicker release/tighter turning radius on the backhand(squash/square) since it’s harder to hold a high line backside(otherwise why pigdog?). i just got red x on a board and i keep thinking about what would happen if the side fins were uneven/offset…i haven’t tried it but one day for fun i’ve got to. in theory the asymm concept is pretty interesting for sure.