asymmetrical fin placement

say you’re making a mini simmons with keel fins 3" from the tail 1" from the rail. 

if you make the tail assymetrical and shorten the heel side rail by 1 inch, do you need to move the heel side fin up 1 inch, or can you keep symetrical placement so the heelside fin would be like 2" from the tail. 

Not having any experience with that kinda board, but based on my own experience riding boards, I’d say no.  You got more power under your heels, and most want more “snap” under their heels.

anyone else know if you need to move the heel side fin up if you shorten the heel side rail?

I would do so.

Can’t comment specifically on a keel, but made an asym and moved the heel side up commensurate with the length on that side. Seemed to work…


Play it ‘‘safe’’ and leave em equal, then you have just changed the outline…Or move em up and open some doors…

This is what I did on the last Asym. I made.

Quad Heel side.

Twin on the toe side.

Treat each side as a separate board and place the fins accordingly. This would have the short side fins moved up compared to the long side but properly placed for that shorter length. 

All the best

Have done a few asymms and just to mix it up i think the latest one went the best. Completely inversed the fins from what i normally did after seeing some Davey Smith stuff. It made complete sense to me as i always had slight difficulty turning a quad setup off the top sharply. Solution: Quad setup toe side (long rail) for fast and drivey bottom turns on your forehand and a standard fin if very slighly moved forward 1/8" from your thruster position to get a real “snappy” forhand turn off the top… 

Forgot Pic of the setup:)


All the best