atlantic surfing materials phone #?

anyone know the phone # for atlantic surfing materials? Thanks

18003277516 or 3216764447

is this the place in NC? let me know how you make out there? any prices off hand?

hey teddy thats not in NC. but i did find their price list online. here ya go.

atlatic surfing materials is located in florida I believe. Just orderd a future fins installation kit and some pigments. Really nice people to deal with. U.S. fiberglass is in the outer banks in point harbor. I drove up there two weeks ago to pick up some blanks and some resin. Again, really nice people to deal with. Watch out for Roadie, He’s a madman.

yes, Melbourne, FL

hey austin…is there anyway to get the builders or wholesale prices? do you need some sort of proof or tax i.d.?

You need a federal tax I.D. #. is the web site to get one. I got mine in five minutes.

nah you dont need it. it all depends on how much you order. the “recommended” board builder price is if you buy 4 blanks or more. wholesale 15 blanks or more. but normally like i said if you go down there and talk with leigh ann and tell her i told you to drive down there. she should hook you up. i mean if you want you can meet up with me and i can buy some stuff for you. your call email me at

thanks a bunch austin. i’m looking to get 2 5gal. jugs of lam. resin. maybe a few gallons of gloss. prob. some cloth to. i’ll e-mail you if i run into any trouble.

hey chris…does the tax id cost anything? i have no clue how that whole thing works. is it worth it?

I believe the web address is, I think. It did not cost me anything, and it has helped me get just about all my supplies at wholesale prices. I’m not sure how it works at the end of the year as far as taxes are concerned. I know U.S. Fiberglass has three diffrent prices wholesale, builders(not sure who this covers),and retail. I personally needed it to purchase my supplies wholesale from them. I guess if you have some connection there, you may not need a I.D.#. Depending on where you are, it my be worth it to just call clarkfoam directly and order from them. Shipping is not that much if you get mutiple blanks. I rented a van last week for $25 a day and drove up from wilmington and picked up 40 blanks, 30 gallons of silmar, 3 big rolls of cloth and a bunch of other supplies. If you buy supplies like that it is worth it to drive. Blanks only,depending on the amount,I would just call Clark direct.

you gettin ready to pump out some volume there, Teddy?

yeah, pretty much

Where are you located Teddy?