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Just bought a 9’0 Walden poly board from the Rip Curl Hawaii store that was in the store for at least 4 months. So i assume it was shaped a while ago since I was told you no longer shape for Walden. Anyway on the bottom it has the initials D.R. written by the dimensions. I was wondering if you or you know who shaped it and is it a computer shape or handshape. It has Ventura,CA on the logo so it came out of CA. I rode the board at chest high Populars in Waikiki and so far it felt Magic. For a board with a perfomance rocker it paddles suprisingly well and trims and noserides unreal. Its very manuverable and you can turn it from the middle and nose too. I thought the 19" nose would get in the way of turning but it doesn’t hamper turning it just feel so stable when noseriding. Dennis what your take on the magic model design. Also anybody with who’s ridden a Magic Model let me know of what you think of this design. So far i’m stoked!

Photos please.

sorry i’m in the stone age no digital camera. The dimensions are 9’0 x 22 x 2 3/4 x 19n x 14 1/4t with a rounded square tail

Hi pman,

If my initials are on the board I either clean it up as a machined blank or hand shaped it. As I’m the only person that shaped for Walden that personally signed blanks, except for Steve of course. All the other shapers signed Walden’s name.

Along with the Serial # and board dimensions you should see a date, the glassing schedule and what blank was used to for the board, like 9’4 W or ??. If you see the letter M instead of the blank info it was a machined blank. The numbers on the stringer would be like 6.7.05 9’4 W 64.6 or something like it.

If the date is in 05 it is most likely a hand shaped blank. And most likely the rocker is different than what was stock MM rocker. And, why you may find the board paddles OK and even trims. MM’s are generally not known to do either well…no offense intended to anyone.

What fins you use and center fin placement can and will make a dramatic difference in how the board performs. Sounds like you’ve got a good set up.

BTW. Is Populars the left on the Diamand Head side of Queens?


Mahalo for your response Dennis, pops is located on the right side while looking out to Queens. On the stringer it’s a little hard to see because the botton is yellow pigment but it appears to have 1 4 06 or 7 4 06 then 9 4, then 4646 then it looks like SRO. Above the stringer it has V99505 D.R. The top appears to be transparent yellow tint but was wondering it looks like yellow foam stain rather than yellow tint lamination because the stringer looks clear with no yellowing, the bottom is yellow pigment with rail overlaps. It came with Walden Ofishl template side fins and Walden 7’ middle fin. I noticed the side fins are placed at 14" uo from tail( a little less than some of the other boards i had.) and i been ridding the back fin 7’ up from the tail. Any other suggestions for back fin placement or wondering if you would recommend trying a 6 1/2 inch back fin or how would it ride as a single fin and what size fin would you recommend?

The wonders of digital information… FWIW

The board number is V19505. The date on the stringer 1.4.06 is the day it was shaped, and that date coincides with my records for boards I shaped between 12.30.05 and 1.6.06. The blank for that number is 9’1. Which was hand shaped from a 9’1 Y Clark blank. One of the remaining Clark blanks in inventory after Clark shut down.

SRO is short for Surf Ride Oceanside. The store the board was intended for, however looks like it went to Hawaii instead. Kind of amazing that the board was made 18 months ago and finally made it off a show room floor. What does that say?

The side fins are standard at 14” and the center box should be 5.5” If the board is working good for you with your current set up write the set up down… what fins and placement you’ve got. Then experiment with other set ups. Those boards tail surf nicely so something closer to a tri fin set up you might find fun too… like you’re thinking going with a smaller center fin.

So what’s the left on the Diamond Head side of Queens called? I forget.


wow the glass job must be 100% cured. Did you use a super green or super blue blank with stock or walden rocker. Used it 3 times with no pressures on the deck. I guess the glassing is 4 & 6oz with 4 oz tail patch with a 6 oz bottom. Also is the deck foam stained with yellow resin because the stinger looks clear so it doesn’t look like yellow tinted lamination and definately not airbrushed. The break to the left of queens is called Publics. Mahalo Dennis for the history of my board and a magic board.

Publics, yeah that’s the one. Like that wave. Surfed my 6’3 hull there in ’82 a number of times, lots of fun back side. Haven’t been Waikiki since ‘02 now, didn’t surf though… had breakfast at the Denny’s across the street from Queens or about there.

Your board would be from a blue blank. Can’t comment on the color. The deck lam patch prolly is 2/3rd 4oz.

You’re welcome…. Aloha,


DR Tip Tool 7-07-10

DR TT 609 Ventura

In progress, custom resin tailblock. 


The wonders of digital information… FWIW

SRO is short for Surf Ride Oceanside. The store the board was intended for, however looks like it went to Hawaii instead. Kind of amazing that the board was made 18 months ago and finally made it off a show room floor. What does that say?




It says that Dennis Ryder shapes are still bitchin' no matter how long ago they were shaped.




Hi EPac,


Thanks for the pictures from your surprise visit.  It was nice to see you.





Thanks for posting your Fat Tire Ale shot again. I forgot I was going to steal it.  Done deal now though, got my wife to print a copy… it will be on my shop wall today.


It’s summer again too, hope you’re getting some slides on your board.



Hey Dennis, best wishes to you and your wife.  Going to Maui the last week of August and first week of Sept.  Dawn patrol at Mala Wharf with the Penetrator causes smiles.