Attention The Boys, we want details!

I can’t believe you’ve been holding out on us!


Good to see you back on here Hunter! How’s this board been going? Or is it a different Hunter???


That's me!  I have a confession to make: alot of my online goofing around lately has been focused on

We've had a pretty flat summer so there've been more opportunities to shoot fish than slide em.

However, right when I got that board, there was a mysto swell and then, we done good with Irene as well.  Here are my thougths at this point:


First off, this guy is an eps epoxy Griffin.  For my money this the DEAL.  Cosmetically and feel wise, I can't tell the difference.  It's marko with greenroom and it is impeccable. Plus it is LIGHT--which was one of my issues with my poly griffins-a little heavy for my tastes (given I've gotten used to the Coil construction).  

The board paddles and float great--just like any Griffin.  Nothing quite picks up waves like Greg's boards.   It is very easy to generate speed but with the thruster you actually have some 'breaks' at your disposal too.

Sadly, I just haven't gotten enough waves under my belt on it to really give it a solid report.  Most of the surf has been knee-thigh and better for my single fin. 

The couple of good waves I've had on it have been really encouraging-- the board powers through rail turns.  It is also an easy board to generate backhand speed with. 

I just haven't had that day where I can pack in a bunch of waves and really get to know it.