Attn; KP, PJ, JM ,etc.

Steve Pezman wanted me to take a nickel tour of Surfer’s Journal Mag’s office/business…does anyone here know how I can contact him to make arrangements to do just that?


Contact Kathy Freygang, Production Manager at TSJ

1 800 666 2122. She’s usually in her office shortly

after 12 noon.

She’s been a great help to me…


Well there’s someone I haven’t heard from in awhile…thanks Dale

…By-the-way I haven’t forgotten you…still trying to catch -up to Spyder to finish off the sigs on the movie marquee poster…It just seems incomplete to give it to you with just Greg’s Signature.

Maybe I’ll send you one now and later on send you one complete(I got like 6)…hope all is good for you.

ps I think Greg Weaver is Moving to Mex.Fell in love with some spot down there.

Take it anyway you can get it my man !

Talked to Steve,

I’m not sure he’s looking forward to meeting me…lol…just joking.

Isn’t there a shuttle bus from the peir?


it took me a whole day to get arround to actually type my first reaction

ah think to do the tour justice it might take about a week

see if the shuttle goes to the holiday inn/

Yes Brose,

The S.S. Minnow leaves every decade on a 3 hour tour…watchout for that MaryAnn I heared that see likes older guys who Al—in—Hale.

Or is that in Denver?..Guess she’ll have to Bob for it.

Hey Herb. when you go make sure you get the tour over at Spencer Crowls collection its right across the street.

Maybe SJ wants to do an article on Diaper filler???

Now that would be funny Dale.

Yeah I visited the museum this late spring.

I thank Bill T. for inviting me.

Dale???what the hell was I thinkin’

Sorry Roger,nice one!!!