ATTN: McDing - EPOXY filler full of bubbles

So for a LOT of reasons I’m making the move over to epoxy…and my filler is always getting crazy hot and bubbling. I’m using Qcell and fiberglass hawaiis Aluzine 2 part fast cure epoxy.

Weighing everything with a digital scale, mixing for at least a minute, using fresh pot and stir stick so no contamination. It’s bad enough that I’m having to fill a lot of dings twice…

What am I doing wrong? McDing I’m sure you have more than a few ideas…


Sorry, I’m not McDing, and I’m not going to answer directly at this time, but here’s a link to a site search for “exotherm”, scroll down, take a little time to read and I think you will find your answer

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Sorry I’m not McDing too…but maybe this will help. Epoxy will exotherm just like poly resin. So what you do is put a ziploc bag of ice under the ding or close by. if you cool the epoxy down it will have a chance to properly kick, and you won’t melt the shit out of your eps…ask me how I know


Thank you gents!!! Exactly the intent was hoping for!!!

Could try slow cure too…